Pro-Life Abortion Speech by 12 Year Old

Children Influencing Culture through Media?

We always talk about media influencing children and culture, but how about children influence culture through media!?

A creative speech video that has been making the rounds a few months ago is the video of a young Canadian 12 year old Lia who chose the topic of abortion as her topic for a school speech contest. Her teacher wanted her to pick a different topic but she chose to continue. As you’ll see below she was an excellent speaker and crafted her arguments with thought and strategy.

“What if I told you that right now, someone was choosing if you were going to live or die?”

“What if I told you that this choice wasn’t based on what you could or couldn’t do, what you’d done in the past or what you would do in the future? And what if I told you, you could do nothing about it?”

“Fellow students and teachers, thousands of children are right now in that very situation. Someone is choosing without even knowing them whether they are going to live or die.”

“That someone is their mother. And that choice is abortion.”

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Creativity: Amazing 3D Building Art

3D Building Chalk Art

By Paul Lee

Following are some incredible 3D Building Art drawn on the side of buildings and other large structure. The 3D paintings look fantastically real forcing those passing by to stop and gaze in awe, of course if they even notice it!

I’ve also added one more 3D Chalk Art below due to it’s popularity on this site. Enjoy!

3D Building Art – Building Tunnel

3D Building Art - Building Tunnel
3D Building Art - Building Tunnel

This 3D Building Art is by far the most intricate and my favorite. Amazing details and the depth of the 3D work is quite amazing. If I had a car I would probably drive into the wall and get seriously injured. Be grateful you saw it here first!

3D Building Art – Oceanside Pool

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Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part I

3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part I

By Paul Lee

This is the first of four posts highlighting the beautiful 3D chalk art of Julian Beever. Julian is famous for his incredible 3D chalk art he draws in the streets. It is carefully drawn at incredible angles so that when the viewer stands in front of it, the art looks like it jumps off the street completely in 3D. His 3D chalk art is often drawn in long stretches of pavement. It is hard to make out what is is supposed to be from the back or the sides but from the front you can’t help but be awed by the artwork. I do not know if all the artwork posted below is Julian’s work but I know most of it is. Enjoy! Many more below the jump. Vote for your favorite!

3D Chalk Art – Coke Bottle – Unbelievable!

3D Chalk Art - Coke Bottle
3D Chalk Art - Coke Bottle

A very simple 3D Chalk Art piece, but none the less very clear and amazing. Making me thirsty!

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Creativity: Superbowl TV Commercials

It’s that time of the year again. Superbowl! Though most people don’t care too much about who wins the big game, everyone wants a reason to get together and enjoy some good food and good company.

Another tradition of the Superbowl is the million dollar TV commercials in between the coverage. Advertisers spend several million dollars and pour hundreds of man hours try to capitalize on the large Superbowl viewer base. Due to the expensive nature of these TV Commercials, these TV advertisements get critiqued and scrutinized on how creative and effective each spot is. Hundreds of articles and top ten lists discuss how good or bad each Superbowl TV Commercial was. Hundreds of sites will take polls and stream every Superbowl TV ad to be viewed again and again long after the game is done. But what about the cleanliness of the ad? How about ethics?

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Creativity: Electrabel – Happy New Year – Candle Light

Electrabel Happy New Year TV Spot 


Electrabel Happy New Year TV Spot

Can you believe the picture above is made with small tiny tea candles? Amazing.

A company called Electrabel, a Belgium based energy company created this TV spot to wish a Happy New Year to their customers. The light show effects are done using small tea candles transforming an underground car park the attic area of one of the production company’s (CZAR) office locations, into a night sky full of cityscapes, fireworks, stars and other beautiful images.

This video was done in Famous, Brussels by creative director Christophe Ghewy, art director Nicholas France, agency producer Lander Engels, copywriter Oliver Roland and shot by Director Raf Wathion with producer Fred Vranchken and executive producer Ruben Goots.

The video utilizes 288,000 Candles and 1,600 Photos.
See the Videos below!

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Bible Illuminated: The Book New Testament

New Testament Bible Illustrated: The Book
New Testament Bible Illustrated: The Book

The Book New Testament: Bible Illustrated

The Bible is one of the oldest and best selling books in human history. What people may not know is that it is a book full of historically reliable and verified information utilized by archaeologist and historians around the world. But of course the Bible is most well known for being the the Word of Christianity, full of past events that covers everything from man’s purpose, the state of humanity, God’s interaction with men, and the gospels covering the life of Jesus.

However the Bible is quite a big book, and those who are not familiar with it may feel it is too daunting to try to read through it all. “Bible Illuminated: The Book” is the latest attempt to bring the Bible into a more contemporary and modern build.

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Creativity: Great TV Commercial Series and Athletes – MasterCard & NBA

What happens when you take the a great TV Commercial idea and add athletes? A wonderful TV Commercial with, you guessed it, athletes. Companies take great care to only use the most clean cut of athletes to promote their brand.

Mastercard “Priceless” Commercial: Peyton Manning
Below is one such example of using Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, in one of the most creative campaigns in TV history – the priceless Mastercard series. Following that is two very well made TV series by the NBA.

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Creativity: Nokia N96 – Bruce Lee Ping Pong Nun Chuck Commercial

Nokia’s Recent Bruce Lee Ping Pong Viral Commercial has been making the internet rounds. I would have to assume this is a TV Commercial being shown in China? It’s one of the top viral videos online and it is not surprising. Take a look as “Bruce Lee” as he plays Ping Pong with a pair of nun chucks. Throughout the video you have no clue what the commercial is for, but it ends with a note referring to the phone. How effective is it? I am not certain at this point, but cleaver enough to draw enough eyeballs and have it shared throughout the net.

Two videos are posted. See Below!

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Black Hole Short Film – Underestimating the Subtle Power of Desire

As always, Clean Cut Media is always looking to bring the latest news, reviews and insightful articles in media influence on our culture. Clean Cut Media will also periodically post excellent pieces of advertising, well made videos and overall creative pieces of work. Considering so much of advertising these days resort to cheap emotional grabs, vulgar non-relevant references to sex, as well as send subtle messages that is detrimental to the way we view the world, the only true requirement to show on this site is that it is Clean Cut, thus the name! However we may post non-clean pieces of art for review and discussion. If you find any pieces of work worthy to share or review please comment! We’ll contact you directly and if you wish you can contribute your insight for the entry.

Below is an excellent short film. Short films require immense creativity and planning because an entire story must be condensed into 3-5 minutes. This piece is well done. Quick Commentary follows.

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Creativity: Toshiba Timesculpture Advertisement Video

This advertisement was shot using 300 Gigashot Cameras, the highest number of moving image cameras ever used to film a sequence. Utilizing full looping action in 360 degrees view, this involved 20 Terabyte (that is 20,000 GB) of data which took 4 weeks of 24 hours a day video processing time. New editing software was built just to carry this out. The Cost? Word is going around that it costs nearly $4.7 million dollars. The music is originally by Crystal Castles called “Air War” but remixed by Advert Shock Remixes (NKNB).

Toshiba Timesculpture Advertisement

So how did they make it? See below!

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Creativity: Leave Nothing Nike Commercials

Below are TWO Nike “Leave Nothing” Commercials. Both really get your adrenaline rushing and are great pieces of work. Click into the entry to see the rest!

Leave Nothing Nike Commercial – FATE
Director: David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7en, The Game etc.,)
Song: Ecstasy of Gold
Follows the life journey of NFL players LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu from the moment they were born running to the point where they meet on the football field. Fate.

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