Viewpoint: Women & Modesty – Christian Dilemma

Viewpoint Series
Readers of this blog are familiar with the “Creativity” posts that show interesting (and clean) videos, advertisements, prints and the like. I will also be starting the “Viewpoint” set, which will post good articles that show a completely different perspective than what culture would tell us to be the norm or even to be right. Many of the articles in Clean Cut Media discuss how media shapes and impacts our culture and our worldview. In relation to that goal, I believe reading posts that discuss different viewpoints will help broaden our perspective and give us a way to step back and evaluate our culturally defined norms more objectively. Whether you agree or disagree with the viewpoints is up to you.

Viewpoint: Women & Modesty
Article below is a response to a question by a Christian man who wants to discuss with his girlfriend about how the way she dresses is actually making him have lustful thoughts. In our generally promiscuous, show all, sex driven type of culture, the perspective you see below in the response, will jump out immediately as something different, if not radical. Christianity is a very others driven, centered around loving God and loving people and you see that in the way they heavily consider the impact of dressing immodest and it’s impact on men. Article is below. Enjoy!

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