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Help us start a list of Clean Family Friendly Movies!

One of the goals of Clean Cut Media is to raise awareness of the influence of media on our culture and our Worldview. It is not an easy task as by nature much of what is written pushes up against what our culture would consider the norm. However, in addition to this primary goal, Clean Cut Media aims to also be a resource where people can come to find fresh perspectives and reviews on movies, music, tv shows, and other media.

It’s hard to find truly clean movies suitable for children

There are so many ways to watch or rent a movie. From Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, to Youtube, you can stream movies online at a flick of a finger, yet it is not an easy task to figure out which movies are wholesome, safe, and free of sexual innuendos, sex scenes, violence, vulgar scenes, and bad language. It’s nearly impossible outside of a few children’s movies (and even many of those are questionable). As someone who spends tons of time with youth students myself, it isn’t easy to find a definitive list of clean movies I can check out.

So I’d like to start a list of Clean Movies as well as Clean Family Friendly Movies so those who will find this post can have a list of movies they know is safe to watch both for their children and for themselves. Also, please contribute popular movies that seem safe at first glance.

Please Share Your List of Clean Movies & Clean Family Friendly Movies

Here is what you can do.

Comment below with the Names of Movies that you consider to be clean and/or family safe.

Please label them as Family Friendly / Clean

Clean Movie: This means no sex scenes, no or minimal sexual innuendos, no or minimal bad language, no excessive violence/gore, and no bad message!

Family Friendly: Basically would you take your 10-year-old daughter to this and be perfectly comfortable with what she is taking in?

Exceptions: I realize finding perfectly “clean” movies is really hard, so if you know of any movies that violate a portion of these categories, just notate it next to the name. You MUST note any amount of bad language, sexual innuendos, sexual scenes, bad message, violence – think about parents of very young kids who may want to use this list to choose a movie. The more information the better. Also if you know the RATING, please note it as well.

Please also contribute movies that come off as family-friendly but you found to be unacceptable as well as any popular movie titles! (Ex. The Later Shrek movies are NOT for kids! Tons of sexual innuendos and jokes). If you see movies below that do not have proper warnings, let us know!

Below are some samples to start off with. Please follow the general format.

I’ll update this as people comment. Red = Not Family Friendly

List of Clean / Family Friendly Movies [+ Unclean “Children” Films]

Movies Names Clean Family Friendly Exceptions
25th Hour [R] Lots of Bad Language
100 First Dates [PG-13] X X
30 Minutes or Less [R] “Horrible Language, Massively Inappropriate” “Horrifying” “Skipped through the whole film then turned it off”
12 Angry Men [PG] X X
A Little Princess[PG] X X
Adjustment Bureau, The [PG-13] X Some Sexuality
The Adventures of Tin Tin [PG] X X
The Adventures of the Wilderness Family Series [G] X X
Aladdin [G] X X Clean movie, other than how absurdly skinny the princess is as in all Disney movies. Beware of the impact!
All Dogs Go to Heaven [PG] X X
Amadeus [PG] X Director’s Cut is rated R for flash nudity & language
Amazing Grace [PG] X X
Angels in the Backfield [PG] X X Violence & Bad Language
Anne of Green Gables [PG] X
Annie [PG] X X
Ant Man [PG-13] X X
Antz [PG] X X
Apollo 13 [PG] Foul Language, Short sex scene in shower
Around the World in 80 Days [PG] X X Some Nude statues & Pictures
August Rush [PG] X X “very mild foul language” – Arica
Babe 1 & 2 [PG] X X
Back to the Future Series [PG] X Some bad language [see comments], some adult themes
Band of Brothers [NR] X War Violence, Sex Scene in Episode 9
Beaches [PG-13] X Some Adult Drama
Bedtime Stories [PG] X X
Bella [PG-13] X X Topic of Abortion & Sad Scene of Car Accident
Ben-Hur [NR] X X Violence during the race.
The Big Year [PG] X X Few Bad words, some sensuality. Sensual kissing scene b/w married couple. Clean, Family Film
Billy: The Early Years [G] X X
Black Beauty [G] X X
Black Stallion [G] X X
Blind Side, The [PG-13] X X  Some language typical of football players. Some images of alcohol drinking
Bolt [PG] X X
The Bourne Identity [PG-13] X Violence & Bad Language, Sensual Kissing, Characters sleep with each other despite knowing very little about each other
The Bourne Supremacy [PG-13] X Violence & Bad Language
The Bourne Ultimatum [PG-13] X Violence & Bad Language
Brave [PG] X X
Bridge to Terabithia [PG] X X
The Bucket List [PG-13] X Some Cursing & Sexual References
Bugs Life [G] X X
Cacoon [PG-13] X Brief Nudity? Someone please confirm.
Captain America [PG-13] X X Action/Violence
Captain America 2 [PG-13] X X
Captive 2015 [PG-13] X Drug Use
Cars [G] X X
Chariots of Fire [PG] X X
Charlotte’s Web [G] X X
Charly [PG] X X
Cheaper by the Dozen [PG] X X Sexual References, Schoolyard name calling
Chicken Run [G] X X I found this movie too scary for children under age of 4-5
Christmas Child [NR] X X
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe [PG] X X
Cinderella Story [PG] X X
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs [PG] X X
Cool Runnings [PG] X Quick Kissing Scene, Some Foul Language
Cop and a Half [PG] X X Mild Language, Violence
Cop Out [R] “Horrible Language, Massively Inappropriate” “F every other word”
Courageous [PG-13] X
Cranford BBC Series [G] X X
Dead Man Walking [R] X Murder, Rape Scene at a distance, some bad language
Dead Silence [PG-13] X X Clean Language (some use of “hell”), Frightening scenes
Deep Impact [PG-13] X X
Deja Vu [PG-13] Violence & Terror
Die Hard: Live Free, Die hard [PG-13] X Violence & Bad Language
Despicable Me [PG] X X
Despicable Me 2 [PG] X X
Dumbo [G] X X
Dustin Checks In [PG] X X Mild Language, Sensuality
The Emperor’s New Groove [G] X X
Ella Enchanted [PG] X X
Encanto [PG] X X Encanto is one of the better films with good themes and messaging from Disney in my opinion.
End of the Spear [PG-13] X
Eternals [PG-13] Most Marvel movies has been relatively clean but this one is NOT. There is a sex scene (tho mostly covered) that would be completely unexpected for parents if taking kids thinking it’s just another Marvel movie. Be aware.
Evan Almighty [PG] X X
Ever After [PG] X X Death of Father & Scary Scene with Villian unsuitable for the very young
Facing the Giants [PG] X
Fiddler on the Roof [G] X X
Finding Nemo [G] X X
Fireproof [PG] X X
First Dog X X
Five Mile Creek Disney Series [NR] X X
Forrest Gump [PG-13]
Fried Green Tomatoes [PG-13] X X “very minimal language, sad death scene” – J Rae
Frozen [PG] X X Actually a good message about true love. Really flipped the script on “love at first site” and pining for a prince. Focused on sibling love. Awesome.
Frozen 2 [PG] X X
The Fugitive [PG-13] X X Violence. Murder Scene.
Galaxy Quest [PG] X X Older Kids 8+, minimal violence, positive msg
Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story [NR] X X
Gladiator [R] X Extreme Violence
Glory Road [PG] X X
God’s not dead [PG] X
Goonies [PG] X Kids curse
Gravity [PG-13] X “Gravity has some foul language and would be very scary to a child.”
The Great Escape [NR] X X
The Greatest Game Ever Played [PG] X X
Groundhog Day [PG] X Romantic Comedy. Mild Profanity, No nudity but implied sex
Happy Feet [PG] X X
Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince [PG] X X Major Teen Love Drama
Heaven Can Wait [PG] X X
The Help [PG-13] X X Few scenes may be too mature for kids. 1 character suffers miscarriage, another victim of domestic violence, but viewers doesn’t see anything. Police office hits black woman. All around safe, clean film.
Hitch [PG-13] X Shows people in bed together before marriage
The Hobbit [PG-13] X Lot of Violence. Clean Film for Adults.
Home Alone [PG] X X
Homeward Bound Series [G] X X
Horton Hears a Who [G] X X
Hotel for Dogs [PG] X X
How to Train Your Dragon [PG] X X
Hugo [PG] X X
Ice Age [PG] X X
Ice Princess [G] X X
Inception [PG-13] X Violence. Slightly disturbing scenes. Suicide.
Indiana Jones Series [PG-13] X X Temple of Doom has some upsetting, graphic scenes.
Incredibles [G] X X
Infernal Affairs (Cantonese) [R] X Violence
The Inheritance Hallmark [NR] X X
Inside Out [PG-13] X X
Iron Giant [PG] X X
Iron Will [PG] X X
The Italian Job [PG-13] X Mild Language, Violence, Shows girl in bra
John Q [PG-13] X X
Jurassic Park [PG-13] X X
Jurassic World [PG-13] X Dinosaurs eating humans
Kings Speech [R] X One Scene where speech therapist has the main character curse the F word numerous times as part of the treatment. Other than that, it’s a clean movie.
Kung Fu Hustle [R] Mild and cartoon-like violence
Kung Fu Panda [G] X X
Lady and the Tramp [G] X X
The Lake House [PG] X Language, Disturbing Images
The Land Before Time [G] X X Entire Series
The Land of Oz [PG] X X
Lark Rises to Candleford BBC [NR] X X shows superstitions of village people
The Last Airbender [PG] X X
Last Chance Harvey [PG-13] X X
The Last Samurai [R] X Action/Violence/Gore Sensual Scene
The Lego Movie [PG] X X
Letters to Juliet [PG] X X
Life is Beautiful [PG-13] X Holocaust Themes
Life on Liberty Street [NR] X Holocaust Themes
Lilo & Stitch [PG] X X
Lion King [G] X X
Little Giants [PG] X X
Little Mermaid [G] X X “Does anyone find it problematic that the main character is barely wearing anything and is super skinny and what kind of effect it has on a girl’s self-perception and guy’s view towards girls? I do.” Another issue is the underlying theme of rebelling against her father, feeling I know what is best for me even as a child, and all to pursue a ‘love’ grounded on superficial things like looks and curiosity. Movie was fun, but the message.
Little Rascals [PG] X X #1 & #2
Love Comes Softely [NR] X X
Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring [PG-13] X X Violence
Lord of the Rings – Return of the King [PG-13] X X Violence
Lord of the Rings – Two Towers [PG-13] X X Violence
Lorenzo’s Oil [PG-13] X X
Madagascar [PG] X X
The Magic of Ordinary Days Hallmark [NR] X X
A Man for All Seasons [G] X X
Mandie and the Secret Tunnel [NR] X X
Masterless [PG-13] X X
The Matrix [R] X
Marry Poppins [G] X X
The Messengers [PG-13] X X Clean Language, Frightening scenes
Miracle [PG] X X
Miracle Dogs [N/A] X X #1 & #2
Miss Potter [PG] X X Mild Language
Mission Impossible 3 [PG-13] X Intense Action
Moana [PG] X X Clean Movie. Note there is definitely a bit of a theme around a child believing they know better than parents and taking risks, but it’s not as bad as other films. Lack of “romantic” story is refreshing.
Monsters Inc [G] X X
Monsters & Aliens [PG] X X Potty Humor
Moondance Alexander [G] X X
Mulan [G] Animated X X
Muppets, The [G] X X
My Big Fat Greek Wedding [PG-13] X Non-sexual scene, but implied between unwed partners
My Girl [PG] X X
Nanny Mcfee [PG] X X
My Spy [PG] X X Clean. Fun.
Napolean Dynamite [PG] X X It’s one of those love it or hate it movies..
National Treasure [PG] X X
The Negotiator [R] X Violence & Bad Language
Newsies [PG] X X
Night at the Museum [PG] X X Mild Flirting, Checking a girl out, can be a little scary for very young children
The North and South BBC [NR] X X
Oliver and Company [G] X X
The Other Guys [PG-13] “Horrible Language, Massively Inappropriate” Not for Kids.
Overboard [PG] Some Bad Language & Sexual Content
Passion of the Christ [R] Gore, Beatings
Pay it Forward [PG-13] X Mature Elements, Substance Abuse, Sad Parts, Sexual Citations, Language
Penelope [PG] X X Some Innuendo
Perfect Man [PG] X X
Pink Panther 2006 [PG] Beyonce’s clothing are tight fitting & revealing. Sexual innuendos. Should be PG-13.
Pirates of the Caribbean [PG-13] X X Some Violence
Pride & Prejudice [PG] X X
Prince of Egypt [PG] X X
Princess Bride [PG] X X
Princess Dairies [G] X X
Protocol [PG] Some Bad Language & Sexual Content
Pursuit of Happiness [PG-13] X X Some Bad Language
Raising Arizona [PG-13] X X
Raising Helen [PG-13] X Thematic theme issues involving teens
Ratatouille [G] X X
Remember the Titans [PG] X X
Return to Snowy River [PG] X X Mild Language
Road to Avonlea Sullivan Series [G] X X
The Rookie [G] X X
Saints & Soldiers [PG-13] Originally rated R, cut down to lower rating, War Violence. Mormon Sniper?
The Sandlot [PG] X X For-e-ver. For-e-ver. (#1 & 2 both OK)
Saving Private Ryan [R] X Lots of Violence (War Movie)
Schindler’s List [R] Violence, Holocaust Themes
Second Hand Wedding [PG] X X Young Couple living together. Teenage Appropriate
The Secret Garden [G] X X
Secret of Nimh [G] X X Both #1 and 2 are clean
Secrets of Jonathan Sperry [PG] X X Both #1 and 2 are clean
Series of Unfortunate Events [PG] X Dark / Sad Movie
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers [G] X X
Seven Pounds [PG-13] Sexual Content, Bad Language, Adult Theme [Suicide]
Shadowlands [PG] X X
The ShawShank Redemption [R] Bad Language, Prison Violence
Shrek 3 [PG] Tons of Sexual Innuendos, Adult Humor
Sign of the Beaver [N/A] X X
Signs [PG-13] X X Few curse words, scary but no gore
Sixth Sense [PG-13] X There is a scene where you see a fuzzy silhouette of the wife in the shower. The focus in the scene is elsewhere though. Too scary for kids.
Sleepless in Seattle [PG] X X Two bad words, couple sexual innuendos
Social Network [R] Not Clean – that’s why its Rated R!
Somewhere in Time [PG] X X
Soul [PG] X X Topics are around death and afterlife.
Spy Kids [PG] X X
Stand and Deliver [PG] X X
Star Trek [PG-13] Several Sexual Innuendos, Short Sexual Scene
Star Wars – Original Trilogy [PG] X X
Stardust [PG-13] X Fantasy Violence, Risque Humor
Stormbreaker [PG] X X PG for Action Sequences
Stuart Little [PG] X X Includes: Stuart 1, 2 and 3
Sugarland Express [PG] X X Great for Older kids. Young won’t get the humor.
Summer of the Monkeys [G] X X
Sweet Home Alabama [PG-13] X Language, Sexual References
Sword in the Stone [G] X X
Sydney White [PG-13] X Mild Language, Sexual Humor, Partying, Nudity implied but not seen
The Tale of Despereaux [G] X X
Tarzan [G] X X
Thor [PG-13] X
Though None Go With Me [PG] X X
Time Traveler’s Wife [PG-13] Rear End Nudity, Sexuality, Bad Language
Total Recall [R] 1990 Version. Profanity, Violence, Bed Scene
Toy Story [G] X X
Toy Story 2 [G] X X
Toy Story 3 [G] X X A little intense for young kids. Sneaky reference to “Nice As..cot”
The Treasure Seekers [N/A] X X
True Grit [PG-13] X Violence
Truman Show [PG] X X
Try Try Again [N/A] X X
Two Week’s Notice [PG-13] X Sexual Related Humor, Language
The Ultimate Gift [PG] X X
Unbreakable [PG-13] X X
US Marshall [PG-13] X X
The Village [PG-13] X X No Cursing, Some frightening scenes
A Walk to Remember [PG] X X Some Sensual Material
Wall-E [G] X X
Wallace & Gromit [G] X X
The Waterhorse [PG] X X
Veggie Tales [G] X X Includes all Veggie Tale Titles. See Comments for Fuller List
The Wager [N/A] X X Family Friendly
War Horse [PG-13] X
War Room [PG] X
We are Marshall [PG] X X “grab your box of tissue! it’s sad- tells the story of a town and how they dealt with the tradegy of their football team’s plane crash- sad but definately uplifting!”

Note: At least 7 “s” words, 10 hells, 5 damns and few others.

We Were Soldiers [R] X “Extreme Violence, but Excellent Message”
What Dreams May Come [PG-13] X X
The Winter Stallion [N/A] X X
What the Deaf Man Heard Hallmark [NR] NA NA
When Calls teh Heart [TV] X X
When Zachary Beaver Came to Town [PG] X X
White You Were Sleeping [PG] X X Some Sexual References and Kissing. Mild Language
Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken [PG] X X Mild Language
Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) [G] X X May be scary for small children
World War Z [PG-13]
The Young Victoria [PG] X X “some sensual material bw the married couple but no sexual scenes, mild language”
You’ve Got Mail [PG] X Father & Grandfather being involved with series of younger women portrayed as humorous. Scene about Cyber Sex. People living together before marriage. Parents should explain talking to strangers online is never good.
Zathura [PG] X X
Zeus and Roxanne [PG] X X “Zeus is a little dog and Roxanne is a dolphin, and how they manage to bring a lonely man with a son and a career woman with two teenagers together. Sweet movie!”

Please take a minute to contribute some movies!
It would help a lot if you noted the movie rating!

This will take a long while to become a comprehensive list but slowly and surely we’ll build out this list!

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  1. Thanks for your comment. I had written this series down to watch, but am deeply offended by cursing in the names of God and Jesus. Please, people, let us know if your recommendations of so-called “clean” entertainment include profaning the names of God and Jesus.

  2. This list of movies will help those that are Christians but their faith is falling, and those that are in marriage but it seems as things are not working out.

    each of this movies when you watch them they draw you closer to God so that we can understand that Jesus loves us and that is why he did what no man on earth has ever done for us.

    Jesus died for us so that in him we can leave and in him we can have life and life in abundance, but the devil has come to kill, still and destroy.
    that is why he is also using media(movies) so that he can destroy us.

    that is why we have people that can’t make a sentance without swearing all that came from the devil through media.

    I respect the people who started this chart so that we have restore what the devil has destroy.

    no matter how good or great the movie is the fact that they are swearing that destroys you, and change you.

    be blessed by this movies they don’t have swearing, at all no sexual immorality at all. what they have is life in them.
    you watch it when your faith is falling at the end of the movie you are so in love with Jesus and continue to appreciate life every day.

    1. war room
    2.God’s NOT dead
    3.Facing the giants
    4.the encouter
    5.fireproof(if you think your marriage is going down please watch this one)
    7.heaven is for real
    8.a matter of faith
    9.the passion of the Christ

    for those that have never received Jesus and welcome them in their hearts you can make this simple prayer and nothing will remain the same upon your life, just by this simple prayer straight from your heart you will be saved of every sin that you have committed and you became new in Christ.

    pray: Lord Jesus, Come into my life, be my personal Lord and Savior, write my name in the lamb book of life as I give my self to you Jesus Christ,
    Fill me with your Spirit so that I may never be the same again, thank you Jesus for dying for me, I receive your salvation today in the name of Jesus. Amen

    And guess what, the work of God says that when one soul comes to Christ the heaves celebrates so you are being celebrated in heaven. and the word of God also says that if any one is in Christ the old is gone and the new has come(2 Corithians 5vs17).

    never worry about what you have done for it is nomore.

    be blessed.

    1. Gravity has some foul language and would be very scary to a child.

  3. List of Clean Family Movies
    Back to the Future Series
    Despicable Me
    Despicable Me 2
    Finding Nemo
    Home Alone
    Hotel for Dogs
    Ice Age
    Ice Princess
    Monsters Inc
    Nanny Mcphee
    Stuart Little
    Toy Story
    Toy Story 2
    Toy Story 3
    Veggie Tales

  4. The Great Escape
    Black Beauty
    The Black Stallion
    12 Angry Men
    Geronimo: An American Legend
    Iron Will
    Lorenzo’s Oil
    Chain Reaction

  5. August Rush – very mild foul language. Otherwise clean, family friendly

    The Greatest Game Ever Played – clean and family friendly

    Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs – clean and family friendly

  6. Thank you for caring enough to provide a list of “clean” movies.

    There are three really great totally family, extremely clean, adventurous, fun, enjoyable and godly movies:

    FIREPROOF – excellent, very clean movie for husbands and their wives…well, anyone, I guess. Good for ones struggling in an unhappy relationships(s).

    The Adventures of the Wilderness Family

    The Adventures of the Wilderness Family Part 2

    The Adventures of the Wilderness Family Part 3 (Mountain Family Robinson)

    Here is some info from IMDB:


    1983Sacred Ground (producer)
    1983Mystery Mansion (producer)
    1980Windwalker (producer)
    1979Adventures of the Wilderness Family 3 (producer)
    1978The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family (producer – as Athur Dubs)
    1976Across the Great Divide (producer)
    1975The Adventures of the Wilderness Family (producer)
    1975Challenge to Be Free (executive producer)
    1974Vanishing Wilderness (Documentary) (producer)
    1974Wonder of It All (Documentary) (producer)
    1970American Wilderness (Documentary) (producer)




    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  7. The Back to the Future series IS NOT at all clean, language free, suitable family movie! Lilley Redman thought it was.

    Here is a list of just the bad language and swearing alone example:

    LANGUAGE IN BACK TO THE FUTURE (First movie in the series)
    5 “s” words, 12 damns, 8 hells, 3 “ass” words (1 used with “hole”), 3 S.O.B.’s, 6 uses each of “Oh my God,” and “Jesus,” 3 uses of “G-damn,” 2 uses each of “Jesus Christ” and “My God,” and 1 use each of “God” and “Oh God.”

    Thanks for removing it from your above listing! 🙂

  8. Blind Side is a great movie but it not “clean”.

    Here is the proof:

    At least 2 slang terms for sex (“tap”), 2 for breasts (“t*ts” and “t*tty”), 6 asses, 5 hells, 3 damns, 1 crap, 1 S.O.B., and 1 use each of “Good Lord,” “Mother of God” and “Oh my God.”

    The father of Michael’s friend states that Michael’s mom is on the crack pipe.
    Leigh Anne has some wine.
    A thug drinks from a brown paper bag, and we then see others doing that as well.
    Leigh Anne and her friends have wine with lunch.
    Some miscellaneous people have wine in a restaurant.
    After Leigh Anne’s family have their Christmas photo taken with Michael, they get a call from her cousin who states he’s had about five cold ones (beers), and asks if they know there’s a “colored” boy in their photo (played for laughs).
    We hear that Michael’s mom has a dozen or more kids, has a record of drug arrests, and that Michael is a ward of the state due to being taken away from her when he was 7.
    Michael’s mom informs Leigh Anne that she might have some wine in the kitchen, but Leigh Anne declines. We see a wine bottle on a table in this scene.
    We see a glass of wine on a table in Leigh Anne’s house.
    A thug/drug dealer tells Michael that the latter’s mom comes by about this time of a day for a little taste. He then says he’ll get Michael a “forty” (big bottle of malt liquor) and then has one for each of them.
    Michael says that his mother would tell him to close his eyes for the bad things that occurred, including her taking drugs.


    At least 7 “s” words, 10 hells, 5 damns, 3 asses, 2 versions of crap, 2 uses of “Oh my God” and 1 use each of “G-damn” (with another incomplete one), “Jesus” and “My God.”


  10. This list is excellent. Thank you for this service. I don’t know that i can contribute, but i just wanted to offer a solution for if you find a movie or a scene border-lining inappropriate. I get all of our movies from a website called Obviously use discretion when considering what to allow your kids to watch. sometimes i pre-view a movie, even if it has been edited for content, before letting my kids see it. I just like that my 12 year old daughter is able to watch Titanic with me, and i don’t have to worry about those few “cover your eyes” scenes. Anyway, just thought i’d share.

  11. RAISING ARIZONA IS NOT CLEAN, there is 2 shots of pornographic magazenes and one tward the end of the movie is very pronounced.

  12. Home alone has a few bad words in it. Please understand I love this movie, it’s so funny and adorable! I was really sad to hear them. I’d never noticed them before I gave my life to Jesus, but they are there. Have any of you heard of something called vidangel? It’s sole kind of filtering service. You would think with all the technology we have, that we could filter out the scenes and l language that – for me – ruin an otherwise awesome show.

  13. Just thought I would let you know the name of the movie is Cocoon Not Cacoon and there is a little bit of nudity in it.

  14. The help someone eats poop and is racist Miscarriage STD

    Fried green tomatoes cannibalism language and a lot of talk about sex

  15. “CLEAN”movie. “Secretariat”. Possibly the best race horse who ever lived.

  16. This is just a simple comment. When I first started buying movies…I thought “I’ll get a PG13 movie to avoid bad language”. I have heard even “GD” in these movies. That’s over the top. I throw them away.

  17. Just watched Zathura. Looked at your comment on the movie and did not see any reference to the handful of very blatant uses of foul language used by kids. Also, the teenager was scantily dressed.

  18. I Highly disagree that Schlindlers List should have the “X” marked for clean. There are multiple uses of bad language and more than one sex scene. Please mark as RED.

  19. a bug’s life should be rated R and marked as RED; the grasshoppers want to slaughter the ants and the queen ant is far oversexualized for my 6-yr-old’s young God-loving eyes; God have mercy on the people who animated this movie

  20. The Truman Show- there is a general anti God / anti Christ, Atheist message in this movie where the “creator” of the TV show and the mini world that the characters live in is called “Christof” and is portrayed as selfish and controlling whereas the hero, called “Truman” slowly becomes aware of his fake world and finally rejects the rule of Christof. There are too many blasphemous instances in this movie to mention. This is deeply offensive. Avoid

  21. I wanted to find out if bad language includes blasphemy? It seems literally impossible to find anything to watch without blasphemy.

  22. “Clean Cut Media is my go-to source for reliable, family-friendly movie reviews and ratings. Your website has helped me make informed choices when selecting movies for my entire family to enjoy together. The thorough and insightful reviews are incredibly valuable as it ensures a clean and positive entertainment experience. Thank you for providing such a wonderful platform! Keep up the great work! Best regards, CinemaHDV2”

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