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Clean Cut Media aims to bring you insightful commentary and meaningful discussions on the impact of media on pop culture. No one would argue that all forms of media from movies to music to advertising has a powerful effect on how we think and what we believe. However it is fascinating to really examine the underlying messages and hidden philosophies behind each story or ad. Posts will vary from examinations into advertising campaigns, analysis into the philosophy conveyed in a movie, to deeper discussions about our culture, worldview, and understanding of truth and meaning. There will also be posts displaying great pieces of art or advertising.

About Us

Clean Cut Media began as a personal portfolio where pictures, videos and other design work were posted for public display. Before the site was even near completion, a blog was formed to share and discuss various pieces of art and media. Soon editorials and personal articles were written in response to the effects of media on our worldview and culture. After many favorable responses and support, the blog has taken a life of it’s own and continues to this day.

We have great visions for what this site could become so please continue to show us your support by engaging the community and sharing your thoughts. Also follow us on Facebook &

Want to Contribute?

Do you ever find yourself saying something like this?

  • “The message in that movie was horrible!!”
  • “I can’t believe I let my kids see that!”
  • “What are they trying to teach my children these days!”
  • “That was such an inappropriate commercial!”
  • “That movie had a wonderful message, everyone should know about it!”

If that is you, perhaps you would consider contributing to this site!

We would be happy to review guest submissions and if the quality is good, publish it on Clean Cut Media. We are always looking for guest writers, and volunteer contributors. Share your insights! Get your opinion pieces out there!

  • Know of a movie you are dying to share your thoughts on?
  • Are you good with writing about movie themes, commenting on messages taught in tv shows?
  • Did some tv show or advertisement anger you because of the bad message that underlies the story?
  • Perhaps there is some big new trend in SOCIAL MEDIA that is worth sharing!

We love analysis on messages, themes in popular movies, books, music, commercials, advertising etc. More than reviews of how “good” the media piece was (lot of sites already do this), we are looking for analysis on what the media piece teaches those who are watching. What is the underlying message? What does this movie teach about how one is supposed to view the world or what one should value? You can choose to be unbias, or subjective, up to you. The aim should be to promote discussion. Ask a lot of questions, stir up interest, and get people thinking!

We also love articles related to social media. News? Trends? Share it here!

It may help to first send post ideas for approval before spending the time to write it out. Or send us complete pieces! Must be original pieces, to be published first on Clean Cut Media.

You can send them to this email: info | at | cleancutmedia.com

Looking forward to your contributions!

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