Contest: Free Divorce for Valentines Day


Broken Heart Divorce Radio Contest
Broken Heart Divorce Radio Contest

For Valentines day a popular Detroit radio station decided to hold a contest. Whoever is voted the most dysfunctional couple gets a free divorce!

Let me stop there so we can all take a deep breathe for a moment. If this is not a sign of our culture going in the wrong direction, I don’t know what is. But, is this really all that surprising?

Consider a few facts and articles just on Clean Cut Media alone..

Sexual promiscuity rampant in media and in our culture.
Laws to protect children from sexual imagery are shot down in court
Study linking pregnancy and sexual shows
Sex and Mature Content in Video Games

Also it is very well known that half of all marriages in this country ends up in divorce. Movies showing major skin with numerous sexual innuendos and imageries could get a rating of PG-13. One night stands are glamorized through the media. Being a virgin is ridiculed and laughed at while someone who sleeps around is held in high regard.

Is it all that surprising to see a crazy contest like this one? Stunned? Yes. Suprised? You shouldn’t be.

  • Where has the value of marriage gone?
  • Has divorce become so easily accessible and commonplace that it can be given out as prizes in a radio contest?

Why did they do what they did? It’s a publicity stunt. Forget the ethics, it is an attempt to draws major attention to itself. This contest was held for couples who wanted a divorce. They would share their stories on the public radio airwaves and then the winner would be chosen by online voters. This radio station had already been under scrutiny due to a contest they conducted back in October of 2007 called the “Britney Suicide Watch” where listeners would guess the date of Britney Spear’s death. Winner would receive $1000. Out of public outrage it was pulled down immediately. However the divorce contest was not.

The winning couple was Gary and Maria, a married couple of five years both with “friends with benefits”. Maria accused Gary of cheating on him with two different women. Gary denied it. Then one of the women called in the radio station to tell the everyone she did sleep with him.

This was apparently not the first time such a contest was held over the radio.

  • Is the moral fabric of our society having issues?
  • Family loyalty, commitment of marriage… is it really that surprising considering the type of message and lifestyle we see in TV, in Commercials, in movies?
  • Can anything be done to help curb the way media is molding our perception of love and marriage in this direction?

Name of the station has been withheld. It got enough publicity.

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  1. The Gift

    I feel your breath upon me
    Your breathing is in sync with mine.
    We have promised to love each other
    In sickness and in health, poor or with wealth.
    Two hearts sharing this treasure of love.
    Two people who have promised to become one
    Two hearts entwined with one another.

    A gift more precious than gold or silver
    A gift meant for two, bonded together
    A gift that is to be cherished and honored
    This gift is not to be bought or sold
    This gift is…


    (c) 2012 cagedbird

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