Yipes. 144.8 Billion Emails are Sent Every Day!

In the time it took you read this sentence, 20 Million emails were written!
If you are a slow reader, maybe even more!

Question about Email Use

  • How many emails do YOU send per day. 10? 20? 50? 500? Yes you!

Yes this includes quick replies, personal and work related.

  • Please respond in comments below as well as take our polls!

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Email Statistics Infographic

  • 144.8 Emails are sent worldwide per day
  • 3.3 Billion registered email accounts as of 2012
  • 11.2 Hours – Average time spent reading & answering emails per week
  • 90 Million Americans access email through a mobile device
  • 27% of all emails are opened on a mobile device
  • 65% of all emails sent are spam
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  1. My day usually tends to start (and at times end) with me checking my email on a tablet or a laptop. If its not work-related emails, its personal emails. I do a lot of freelance work so email is usually my primary source of comms.

    PS. That stat about spam mail being ‘only’ 65% of all email sent throughout the world surprised me – because if I’m not mistaken, this number was around or close to 90% not too long ago!

  2. 65% of all of those spam comments give an average of 13 spam emails per person I wonder who makes up my average. I usually tend to send out few emails per week but I check them everyday – mainlt to check for emails send by other bloggers I’ve subscribed to.

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