Latest in 3D: HD Holographic Projection, 2D/3D, HeadTracking

Ok so this isn’t the “Latest” in 3D technology, but they are fascinating videos none the less and probably new to most people. For those of you visiting here for the first time, I like to occasionally post entries highlighting creativity in media, advertising and art/design. So if your interested in some of the advances going on in the 3D world. Check out the videos below.

  1. 3D HD Holographic Projection
  2. 2D / 3D Integration
  3. 3D Head Tracking – FaceAPI Technology

1. 3D HD Holographic Projection

This first video shows a live demonstration of this 3D Holographic Technology. What seemingly is like a beautiful screen saver in 3D eventually forms into a human figure. Very Cool.

Musion Eyeliner System is a new and unique high definition video projection system allowing spectacular freeform three-dimensional moving images to appear within a live stage setting. Eyeliner brings dramatic, previously unseen 21st century video film effects to the live set mediums of stage, AV – artistic performances, conference or trade show presentations, retail window displays and large scale out-of-home digital signage.

Eyeliner requires only single camera shoot, single projector playback and does not require any special audience props, such as the use of 3D glasses. Yet, the audience viewing Eyeliner shows are always left awestruck by the startling realism of our 3D virtual shows.

More Information if Interested Here
2. 2D / 3D Integration

This video shows a very creative integration between 2D elements and 3D elements in a video game. It isn’t simply 3D objects in a 2D world as seen in most 2D 3D hybrids. The manner in which it is integrated is very clever. Take a look. I think this integration is brilliant and very clever.

It’s quite a long video, so I’ve marked out some “wow” moments.

0:30 – First Show of the integration.
2:11 – Full Creative. This is where it gets interesting.

3. 3D Head Tracking – FaceAPI Technology

This last video shows 3D Head Tracking. This is where the computer can keep a track on your facial movements and adjust the 3D object accordingly. This allows multiple views and realistic representation of the images the user is looking at.

“This 3D head-tracking software from Seeing Machines can track head position in X,Y and Z – unlike the Sony headtracker. This means you miss out on the cool “zoom” effects when you get close to the screen, because the software has no understand of how far away you are from the screen. The faceAPI tracks head position in Z too, allowing much cooler effects – and more robust tracking.”

Example of it in use.

This video shows the points where the tracker follows your facial expressions.

What do you think? Know of other great 3D related videos? Comment below!

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