United Breaks Guitars Song Part 2 – Dave Carroll

Since we highlighted the Part I of this video series called “United Breaks Guitars” by Dave Carroll, we felt it necessary to highlight the next part of the series.

United Breaks Guitars Part 2 by Dave Carroll

For those of you may not know of “United Breaks Guitars”, an aspiring musician named Dave Carroll wrote and produced a music video after his Taylor 714 CE (A $3000+ guitar) was broken by United Airline’s Baggage crew and United refused to replace his instrument.

This video immediately went viral, now with over 5 million views. It was a hit because many were able to identify with his travel woes.

As Dave Carroll promised this to be a three part song series, everyone has been waiting in anticipation for his second song. See it below.

Did you know you can carry guitars onto planes?

United Breaks Guitars - Dave Carroll Part 2The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) technically allows you to carry one musical instrument in addition to one carry-on and one personal item through the screening checkpoint. This is a TSA Screening Policy. Although it is at the airlines discretion whether to allow additional carry-on items on their aircraft. The Security officers will x-ray or physically screen your instrument.

However it is recommended you call the airline ahead of time as a precaution. Also be sure to check the size of your instrument and verify with the airline whether it is within the limits to be considered a carry-on. It is also wise to print out the airline’s policies in case the baggage handlers and security officers are not familiar with the airline policy with instruments.

  • Tell us about your experience with traveling with an instrument.
  • Have you tried to carry it on?
  • What do you think of Dave Carroll’s United Breaks Guitars Second Song?

United Breaks Guitars Part I by Dave Carroll

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