Creativity: Don’t Vote Print Campaign

Brilliant voting campaign aimed to push the public to go vote. This marketing campaign was created by Borders Perrin Norrander and Pollinate Media. They provide the files so people can print out posters as well as banners for the public to put on their blogs and websites. The tag line is “Don’t Vote. Things are fine just the way they are.” Just simple and brilliant.

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Print Ad - Don't Vote Campaign - Amde in China
Don't Vote Campaign - Made in China

Message: Our Economy is in trouble. America’s stance in the world in diminishing. China’s economy is growing while our influence in the worldwide economy lessens.
Execution: America, now.. made in China. Awesome

Don't Vote Campaign - Battered Dollar
Don't Vote Campaign - Battered Dollar

Message: Economy is in trouble. The value of the American Dollar is being battered.
Execution: A battered dollar bill.

Don't Vote Campaign - Gas Noose
Don't Vote Campaign - Gas Noose

Message: Gas Prices are killing us.
Execution: Gas pump hose in a noose.

Don't Vote Campaign - Backwards Healthcare
Don't Vote Campaign - Backwards Healthcare

Message: Our Healthcare system is backwards.
Execution: Healthcare System, written backwards.

Don't Vote Campaign - Government Spending
Don't Vote Campaign - Government Spending

Message: Our Government Spending is Ridiculous and out of control
Execution: A Helmet with a price tag of 4 Trillion Dollars (sorry for the small image). A double punch seeing the item isn’t a toilet seat or hammer as usual, but a military equipment. A jab at Military Spending.

Don't Vote Campaign - Financial Mortgage Crisis
Don't Vote Campaign - Financial Mortgage Crisis

Message: We are in a Financial Crisis. We need to do something about it.
Execution: A home flipped upside down. Economy is upside down. Our Mortgages are upside down.

You can download posters & banners here.

Haven’t registered to vote? Register ONLINE HERE
For some states, it may be too late! California (where I hail) you still have time. Deadline is 15 days before elections. Other States look here

Note: I am very disappointed in the way the website “declareyourself” attempts to get young people out to vote. It is great they were able to get a lot of celebrities to participate, but they use a lot of sex appeal in their videos. Other videos jokingly ties youth with dressing less modesty as they get older, having sexual awakenings, sniffing glue, getting tattoos and other things commonly associated with the youth. But that is the thing, it doesn’t have to be associated with youth, but videos like this reinforces this type of poor identity for teens and enough of this material makes it seem the norm. I don’t think people realize how much these type of videos influence self-identity and culture especially for kids and children. They aren’t all that creative either, so I don’t recommend watching them.

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