Adult Stem Cells vs. Embryonic Stem Cell

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“… why do researchers and the biotech industry push so hard for public funds for embryo-destructive research?… because they stand to make huge profits through potential patents. It’s potentially far more lucrative than research involving adult stem cells. – Breakpoint

Were you aware that not a single clinical success has resulted from treatments using embryonic stem cells yet there has been many great success stories involving the use of adult cell stems?

So why is it that most of us are not aware of the progress that has been made in adult stem research yet the issue of embryonic stem cell research is quite familiar? Who is responsible?

Few years ago, Laura Dominquez, a young teenager got into a car accident when she drove over an oil spill. She was unfortunately paralyzed from the neck down. She was told she would never walk again.

However, her and her family were determined to do what they could to fight against this prognosis and started to visit spinal cord injury experts to see if something could be done about her paralysis.

They discovered that in Portugal there was a new procedure known as olfactory mucosa transplantation. This involved taking adult stem cells from the nasal area and transplanting them to the injuries. Laura and her family decided to try this new treatment and soon after her spinal cord began to heal. She gained slowly gained mobility and was slowly able to walk with some help. Her progress has been steadily improving and there is great hope she would soon be able to walk on her own without any assistance.

Adult Stem Cell treatments are making progress in treating everything from sickle-cell anemia, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s disease, blindness and heart disease. The utilization of umbilical cord blood cells are currently being used to treat 70 forms of blood and bone marrow cancers. Just earlier this year 21 patients in with multiple sclerosis were stabilized using adult stem cells from their very own bone marrow. Their diseases were reversed!

But why is it that we don’t hear much about these successes? Everyone is busy talking and debating the morality of Embryonic Stem Cell research. Everyone is fighting for and against government funds? How about the steady progress in adult stem cell research, which has no morality issue to argue since no embryos are being destroyed.

Why is Embryonic Stem Cell research such a huge topic with massive media coverage fueled and lobbied by millions of dollars and one of the touchy ethical issues of politics while Adult Stem Cell research is rarely ever discussed? It is because that is where the money is? It is because despite lack of any successful wins there is just too much potential in Embroynic Stem Cell research that Adult Stem Cell research can’t cover?

Thoughts? Arguments? Keep it Civil.

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  1. There certainly are pros and cons to this discussion. As someone married to a medical provider I frequently hear some interesting perspectives. As for myself I really think it is up to the individual and their right if the treatment is available. I do not see myself going down this road simple because I have undergone cancer treatment and have a greater appreciation for what I have been given. As I face obstacles in my life it is important for me to remember these moments as they become life lessons.

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