Clean Cut Media: December Media Recap

Happy New Year!
Whether you are a regular visitor or landed on this blog for the first time, we are glad you are here as we transition into 2009! December saw records high and the launch of the Viewpoint Series. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back!

Month after Month – Clean Cut Traffic
Despite the holiday season where vacations and traveling leads to a drop in overall traffic volume, Clean Cut Media continues to buck the trends and break all kinds of records. A strong start of the month helped balance out the slow holiday season.

Dec Growth: Up 27% from Nov
Dec Pageviews: Pageviews came to about 2,200, meaning the traffic more than doubled since October.

Top Articles & Posts in Dec
Movie Review: Twilight – Love Conquers All
Powerful Impact of Media on Children
Influence of TV Satire on Political Identities – Sarah Palin SNL
Teen Kills Self on JustinTV with 185 Witnesses
Creativity: Leave Nothing Nike Commercials
Movie Review: High School Musical 3

Past Week Top Post: Movie Review: Seven Pounds – Will Smith
This post is more than just a review, but a discussion about a very important moral topic. Can’t note the topic here because it would be a spoiler! Visit the link to read about it!

Fun Clean Cut Media Information & Statistics Below

Top Searches in December for Clean Cut Media
“Twilight Abstinence Message”
“Media Influences Statistics”
“Media Influence”
“How Far the Media Influence our Opinion”
“Teen Kills Self on Justin.TV Video”
“Advertising – Selling a Lifestyle”
“Media Influence on Children”

FUN FACT: Amidst Clean Cut Media’s keyword list with multiple searches is “Josh Wang, Berkeley”, one of our commenter. Why? I don’t know. Pretty popular guy. But it’s kinda creepy. How come no one searches my name? I’m not jealous.

Where is the Traffic From?
We’ve had visitors from 85 Countries with United States, Canada and United Kingdom 1,2 and 3. Makes sense.

Question: Guess which countries come next? [In order of visits]

Answer: India, China, Australia, Taiwan, Mexico, Singapore, Philippines

FUN FACT: Sample of aome of the more unique countries sending Visitors – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Syria, Trinidad – It’s like Olympics all over again!

Media Influence Searches
Search Engines: 77.5% (2008: 59%)
Referring Sites: 12.5% (2008: 24%)
Direct: 10% (17%)

More searches are coming directly from the search engines now than before. A very good sign that the blog is appearing for various topics of discussion.

December Media Post Recap
Dec 3: Clean Cut Media: November Media Recap
Dec 8: Creativity: Nokia N96 – Bruce Lee Ping Pong Nun Chuck Commercial
Dec 11: Viewpoint: Women & Modesty – Christian Dilemma
Dec 14: Creativity: Great TV Commercial Series & Athletes – MasterCard & NBA
Dec 16: Creativity: Apple & Nintendo Creative Game Ads
Dec 18: Bible Illuminated: The Book New Testament
Dec 21: Proposition 8: The Musical – Lies & Intolerance by Who?
Dec 24: Media Influence on Perception of the Financial Crisis. Who is to Blame?
Dec 30: Movie Review: Seven Pounds starring Will Smith

Reviewing Old Posts
If you haven’t checked out these posts, I recommend you do. Some additional favorites to remember in 2008.
Movie Review: Seven Pounds – Will Smith
– Includes Discussion About Suicide
Movie Review: Twilight – Love Conquers All
Women & Modesty – Christian Dilemma
Casting Crown – Slow Fade: Mistakes, Regrets
– Shows Message about the danger of small compromises.
Nickelback – Savin’ Me Music Video
– Makes you think about Life & Death. Great Video.
Black Hole Short Film
Toshiba Timesculpture Advertisement Video

If you like any of the postings, please contribute with your opinions! Even a small note of encouragement is always nice.

Here’s to 2009!

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