Clean Cut Media – Jan Recap – New Year, New People


Clean Cut Media off to the Races

With the new 2009 year, comes hopefully many new visitors to Clean Cut Media. If this is your first time on this site, Welcome!

In the beginning of each month I review the growth of the site and review the top postings. This is a way of allowing the community members to share in the growth of this website.

Jan Growth: Up 21% from Dec
Jan Pageviews: 2,500 Pageviews

Top Articles & Posts in Jan

In Order of Pageview Activity

Movie Reviews seems to continue to draw the most visitors. Though I would love to review new movies, I unfortunately don’t watch enough movies! If you have seen a movie and have something you want to share with the community please submit them and maybe it’ll appear as a post! You can contact Clean Cut Media by emailing

Movie Review: Seven Pounds – Will Smith
Movie Review: Twilight – Love Conquers All
Israel & Palestinian’s Media War on the Gaza Strip
Media Influence on the Perception of the Financial Crisis. Who is to Blame?
Sex Trafficking – Where is the News Coverage?
Casting Crow – Slow Fade
Creativity: Electrabel – Happy New Year – Candle Light

Past Week Top Postings:
Creativity: Distorted Typography

Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part I

Both of these posts cover 3D art. Both posts have awesome pictures of art painted or “chalked” on the concrete surfaces so that when standing from the right angle everything jumps out in 3D. Check them out!

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Fun Clean Cut Media Information & Statistics Below

Top Searches in December for Clean Cut Media

“Media Influence”
“Media’s Influence on our Finances”
“Seven Pounds starring Will Smith”
“Clean Cut Media”
“Twilight Abstinence Message”
“Athletes in Commercials”
“Effect of Media on our Perception of Beauty”
“Casting Crowns Slow Fade Meaning”
“Who Regulates the Media”
“Media Influences our Teens”
“Sex Influence Media Statistic

FUN FACT: 92.67% of Visits in January were New Visitors who have never been on Clean Cut Media!

Where is the Traffic From?

We’ve had visitors from 81 Countries.

Clean Cut Media World Coverage
Clean Cut Media World Coverage

RANK (vs. previous)
[1] United States (-)
[2] United Kingdom (+1)
[3] Canada (-1)
[4] India (-)
[5] Australia (+1)
[6] Philippines (+4)
[7] Singapore (+2)
[8] Lebanon (New)
[T-9] Germany (New)
[T-9] New Zealand (New)
[T-9] Malaysia (New)
[T-9] Belgium (New)

Dropped (prev rank): China (5), Taiwan (7), Mexico (8)

What happened to the China? Dropped to 13th! Stupid BCS!

FUN FACT: Considering one of the articles discussed Israel vs Palestinian Media – one fun fact to note is that the site had 6 visitors from Israel peruse through Clean Cut Media.


Media Influence Searches

Search Engines: 71.6%
Referring Sites: 17.9%
Direct: 10.5%


January Media Post Recap

A new record numbers of Media Posts.

Jan 2: Clean Cut Media: January Media Recap
Jan 4: Sex Trafficking – Where is the News Coverage?
Jan 7: Creativity: Electrabel – Happy New Year – Candle Light
Jan 11: Israel & Palestinian’s Media War on the Gaza Strip
Jan 13: Health Warning Labels for Video Games – Congressman
Jan 15: Subscribe to Clean Cut Media Blog Comments
Jan 16: Sex Trafficking Victims – The Facts
Jan 18: Downloading TV and Watching Video Online Biggest Gainers in 2008
Jan 19: Creativity: Powerful, Slow Motion Social Service TV Commercial Videos
Jan 21: Should Government Legislate Morality? Is Adultery a Crime?
Jan 25: Is Video Game Addiction a Serious Problem?
Jan 27: Online Gamers in China must Register with Real Names
Jan 27: Creativity: Superbowl TV Commercials
Jan 30: Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part I

Want more of a particular topic? Have ideas for articles or requests? Want to submit your own topic and opinion? Comment below! Also vote on our poll above!

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