Clean Cut Media: October Recap – Watch us Grow

At the beginning of every month, I’ll be posting links to all the articles from the previous month in case you’d miss them. I really appreciate everyone who are following this blog and want to keep everyone in the loop as this blog gains traction. I really encourage everyone to engage the community by commenting on the posts and stating your opinions!

Record Month
October was a record month in terms of pageviews at about 1000 pageviews. That is nearly a 39% growth in views since September. The entry on “Influence of TV SNL Satire on Political Identity – Sarah Palin 2008” had the most pageviews followed by an older entry on Latest 3D Holographic News posted back in Sept 30.

How do people find clean cut media anyway?
Many of you may think that the only people who view this blog are people I know personally especially as this blog is really young, however this isn’t the case. The majority of the traffic to clean cut media comes from search engines (56% of all traffic).

Searches: 56%
Referrering Websites: 30%
Direct (typing the URL): 14%

Example Searches
“influence of media on culture”
“how media impacts our life”
“movies inappropriate on children”
“don’t vote campaign”
“influence of media teens”

Very happy to see the blog pick up traction on finding viewers searching on such important topics.

October Post Recap
Oct 2: Surveillance of Skype Messages in China
Oct 8: Creativity – Classic Honda TV Commercial
Oct 9: Surveillance of Skype Messages in China Part II
Oct 13: Don’t Vote Print Campaign
Oct 16
: Creativity: Leave Nothing Nike Commercial
Oct 19: Influence of TV SNL Satire on Political Identity – Sarah Palin 2008
** Most Pageviews
Oct 22: Apple vs. Microsoft. Mac vs PC Marketing
** Most Comment Activity
Oct 25: Social Network – Facebook – Friends Forever
Oct 28: Creativity – American Airlines & Holiday Inn TV Commercial Spots
Oct 30: Are Election Media Polls Trustworthy?

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