Creativity: Powerful, Slow Motion Social Service TV Commercial Videos

The following videos are service ads shown on TV or other mediums in order to send a social message. Each of these TV spot videos are done in slow motion to enhance the message. The first video has to do with fire arms. The second video has to do with slowing down driver speeds in residential areas and the last is promoting the use of seat belts. Each of these videos use some powerful imagery to shake people into thinking about these issues.

Bullet Slow Motion Video

Disclaimer: I am going to spoil a bit of the punchline but I need to get this disclaimer out. Those who are faint in heart, there is a portion here where the ad leads you into thinking something is going to happen, but it doesn’t. Just know this is a CLEAN video.

(Lesson of the Day: “Faint in Heart” is correct. “Feint in Heart” is not. Feint means to trick or deceive. So the ad “feinted” or did a feint… but it’s not for the “Faint in Heart”.)

This video is very simple and captivating. I thought it was very creative in showing off the power of the bullet and then helping the viewer personalize it by recognizing when people get shot, it’s the same thing.

Slow Down in Residential Areas Drivers

Disclaimer: Again I am going to spoil the punchline because I care about who is viewing this ad and for some people they may choose they don’t want to see it. This video is a car in slow motion braking hard in an residential area. It ends up hitting a boy crossing the street. Note that no one was hurt in this ad, they replaced the boy with a dummy. But the imagery is pretty realistic.

The point of this ad was showing the literal distance of how long it takes for a car to stop between going 30mph vs 40mph. As the car brakes, the narrator counts how many feet it continues to slide.

This video, though somewhat outdated (we have much better brake systems and tires), it is very powerful. This video is an extended version of the actual TV commercial played for viewers.

Other Notes noted by Viewers
Bounce of Ball
– Timed to match the reaction time of driver, 0.7 Seconds
– 0.7 seconds is reaction time of male army recruits
Dogs Nose
– Point at which car would be stationary if going at 30 mph.
– Ball boy is carrying represents adult’s head and where it would have struck the car.

What is really shocking is the comments on this youtube video. Half the people say things like “dumb kid”, “stupid kid”… I really don’t know what to say to that. Do you feel anything wrong with this? To watch someone get hit by a car (again not real here, but it looks real) and to be able to say “stupid kid”. What is wrong with people these days! Do you not find this infuriating that people can be this heartless? People don’t seem to value the human life anymore. Am I overreacting to this? Tell me your thoughts please.

Wear Seat Belts TV Spot

There are many videos similar to this kind, but I wanted to highlight one example. These videos do a slow motion reverse from a scene of a crash where the passengers do not where a seatbelt.

Thoughts? Comments?
What do you think of these videos? Are they too graphic or is it a necessary to get the point across? How about those youtube commentors? What do their comments tell us about the world we live in.

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