Did you Know Statistics & Southwest Rapping Flight Attendant Video

Latest Viral Video: These aren’t all that recent, but still worth a quick look.

Did you Know Video?

This “Did you know” video covers some of the latest statistics in regards to the growth of the information age and the incredible speed of globalization. The video starts with some incredible statistics on the growing population of China and India, then starts to touch upon how quickly our world is changing in terms of information, careers, and the way we communicate. Check out some of these statistics covered in the video

  • 1 in 8 Couples met Online
  • The Top 10 Jobs in Demand in 2010 will have not existed in 2004.
  • Students starting 4 year technical degree – half of what they learn in their 1st year of study will be oudated by their third year of study.
  • If Myspace was a country it would be the 5th largest country in the world (terms of members)
  • In 2006 there was ¬†2.7 billion searches on Google. Last year? 31 Million
  • The US is only ranked 19th in terms of broadband penetration

This well made video covers a lot of very interesting modern statistics. I am certain you will find it very interesting. It really shows how quickly our culture is becoming global and technologically dependent.

  • What statistic did you find the most interesting?

Rapping Southwest Flight Attendant

For your viewing pleasure, this video has nothing to do with media, but hey it’s gone viral and so as part of the whole viral video series this short clip is for pure entertainment.

A Southwest Flight Attendant decides to spice up his usual announcements with a little something extra . Southwest flight attendants are known to crack jokes, some with great personalities making the flight just a little more enjoyable. Here the Southwest flight attendant decides to rap his announcements with the participation of the people on board.

  • Tell us what you think about these videos!
  • What statistic did you find the most interesting in the “Did you Know” video?

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