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Last month there was turmoil here at Clean Cut Media. A bad coding test took the site down for a few hours. Unfortunately Google indexed the site during that period. The effects were immediate as we saw a full week of data at lower volumes. However, the site has rebounded nicely during the last week of May. With a new record pace, we easily made up what we lost the week before.

Mar: 12,859 Views
Apr: 16,008
May: 22,515

That makes one wonder, what if the site never went down? 25K? 30K?

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Top 10 Articles & Posts in May

In Order of Online Activity [Previous Rank]
Remember since this is for the month of May, it favors posts from early May…

(1) Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part I [1]

At the starting of June, there are 354 votes in the poll! Revisit to see how it is doing!

(2) Creativity: Amazing 3D Building Art [2]

If you haven’t seen this. The 3D art is amazing. I would probably walk into some of these walls accidently.

(3) Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part II [3]

The rest of the posts are crying foul as #1 drove this part II post into the #3 slot. What are they going to do to break this tight grip on the top 3?

(4) Israel Palestinians Media War on the Gaza Strip [8]

Flurry of activity has show this post up the charts. Can it break the top 3?

(5) Movie Review: Watchmen Morality Review [4]

Second consecutive month dropping one slot. Edged out by Israel by 37 views.

If you want to contribute a Movie Review please email us.
info [at]

(6) Influence of Media & Advertising in Our View of Life [NR]

The new darling of the list. Posted on April 29th, so got a full month of traffic to climb almost into the top 5.

(7) Selling Products or Selling Lifestyle? [9]

Moved into the charts last month. Climbed 2 slots. Will it be able to continue to rise?

(8) Youtube Statistics – The Ultimate Time Suck [NR]

Climbing in an out of rankings. After falling out last month, clawed its way back in.

(9) Facebook vs MySpace Statistics [9]

(10) Teens Sharing Nude Photos Online – Impact in Real Life Behavior [6]

Don’t ask what kind of keywords some people are finding this page. Hope they read the article. Shame on them.

Honorable Mention Girl Self-Esteem, Image Issues & Parents

– NR means Not Ranked. –

Hot Post of the Week –
Star Trek 2009 Movie – Themes Galore

Most Commented Last 7 Days
Unnaturally Beautiful Children – Image & Beauty

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Fun Clean Cut Media Statistics Below

Top 10 Searches in February for Clean Cut Media

Major shakeup 4 thru 10!

(1) “youtube statistics” [1]
(2) “myspace statistics” [2]
(3) “myspace statistics 2009” [3]
(4) “gracepoint fellowship church” [NR]
(5) “latest youtube statistics” [4]
(6) “youtube statistics 2009” [NR]
(7) “facebook vs myspace statistics” [NR]
(8) “the chalk man artist” [NR]
(9) “clean cut media” [NR]
(10) “chalk man artist” [NR]

Fell out of Rankings
“asia popular social networking”
“impact of media on children”
“media influence statistics”
“myspace statistics 2008”
“statistics on media influence”

FUN FACT: We nearly doubled the # of pages a user views while cruising Clean Cut Media. Love it!

Where is the Traffic From?

We’ve had visitors from 130 Countries. Not as much excitement this month as the top 7 countries held their places!

RANK (vs. previous)
[1] United States (-)
[2] Canada (-)
[3] United Kingdom (-)
[4] India (+1)
[5] Australia (-1)
[6] Singapore (+1)
[7] Germany (+2)
[8] France (+7)
[9] Malaysia (-3)
[10] South Africa [NR]

Notables: China (12), Taiwan (34)
Dropped (prev rank): Turkey (8), Pakistan (10)

How about in the US
Highest # of Visits: California
Most Pageviews Per Visit: Montana (not much to do there huh? jk!)

Media Influence Searches

FUN LOVE:A little love to the #1 referring blog – Dis-Gracepoint Fellowship. Disgracepoint is a humor site hosted by Gracepoint Fellowship Church.

Refer to a posting you like or add us to your blogroll and maybe next month you’ll be in this slot! 8 of the top 20 referring sites are blogs!

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Much Love to all the Visitors.

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