Youtube to ban disturbing children videos… finally.

Youtube announced this week that they will no longer allow videos that target children that include certain disturbing content. For years, youtube had been criticized for allowing disturbing content targeting children to be circulated.

The policy notes describe disturbing content as “… that contains mature or violent themes that explicitly targets younger minors and families in the title, description and/or tags will no longer be allowed on the platform…”

You can read more: Youtube bans disturbing kid videos

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Best of Web Video Compilation

Best of Web Video Go Pro Cam

Best of the Web Video Compilation

Needless to say, there were some amazing videos of amazing things this past year. It was also the year of the go pro cams as many of these videos were done by those little cameras attached to their helmets. It never ceases to amaze me what people are able to do.

Though these are a compilation of many popular videos from the year, I hope you don’t recognize most of these videos because if you do, it probably means you spend too much time on youtube!


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Amazing Christmas Light Show 2014

Just enjoy it for what it is. The most Amazing Christmas light setup.

This amazing christmas light show was done to the theme of Star Wars. The sequencing and creativity is the best I’ve seen. The instruments are actually playing real notes. The owner of this lovely home is a music teacher and a bay area native.

Sequenced with LOR, sound mixed via Digital Performer, filmed with a 35′ lift, this behemoth setup runs around 100,000 lights.


  • What did you think?
  • Any other ones you’ve seen that match this quality?

List of Tracks in Order:

“Star Wars Main Title and the Arrival at Naboo” – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

“Duel of the Fates” – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

“Across the Stars (Love Theme)” – Star Wars Episode II – The Phantom Menace

“Battle of the Heroes” – Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Light Saber Fight)

“The Hologram; Binary Sunset” – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

“Cantina Band” – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

“Ben Kenobi’s Death/TIE Fighter Attack” – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (TIE Fighter Crash)

“The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)” – Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

“Victory Celebration, End Title” – Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

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“Unsung Hero” – TVC Thai Life Insurance Commercial

This Ad has generated more than 9 million views and counting. An Ad by Thai Life Insurance, it shows a young man who daily helps those around him. The heartwarming message is that though acts of kindness may not impact one’s own life directly, it can bring tangible happiness into the lives of others.

The ad, of course, teaches us nothing about Thai life insurance other than making you feel good and as we are doing, talk about the company.

Who is ready to buy thai life insurance? Whatever it is.

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The Impact of the It Can Wait Campaign on Teen Driving Culture

Texting & Driving Teens Danger

Major mobile carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have banded together, spending millions to convince teens not to use their services, according to The Dallas News. The powerful It Can Wait campaign urges teens (and drivers of all ages) to wait until they get to their destination before reading, writing or sending text messages. According to, drivers are twice as likely to crash if they are texting while in motion.

The campaign’s adverts depict gut wrenching stories in an aim to save lives. One ad tells the story of a driver who hit and killed three Amish youngsters after texting “I love you” to his wife. Another features an 8 year old who lost his legs after being hit by a texting driver. These shock-worthy tales are changing the driving culture, making it socially unacceptable to text and drive.

The Documentary

One of the first facts to scroll across the screen in the 35-minute It Can Wait documentary: 100,000 people die each year due to texting and driving. The documentary has been viewed by more than 2.7 million people since it was first uploaded to YouTube in August.

However, the first story in the film is not about someone who died as a result of texting and driving. Instead, the film details the tragic story of Xzavier, an eight year old, who has been living incapacitated since he was hit by a texting driver as a toddler. The documentary expands on the ideas in the ads, and by getting deeper into the reality victims face every day, it has an impact on teens.

Integration of Social Media

Part of the effectiveness of the It Can Wait is that it goes beyond simple TV adverts. By inviting teens to get involved, the movement has gained a larger, more effective reach than it would have without cross-platform engagement. Teens can upload their stories to the It Can Wait website through short videos, take the It Can Wait Pledge on Facebook or Tweet their stories using the dedicated It Can Wait hashtag.

Texting_While_Driving_iphoneIncreased Parental Involvement

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic accidents continue to be the No. 1 killer of teens, but in an effort to change this grim fact, parents have become more active in encouraging kids to wear seat belts and to never text while driving. Parents have also realized the importance of ensuring their teen drivers understand the rules of the road before they get behind a wheel and are focusing on finding free resources for practice tests and safety guides.

Safety apps have also sprung up as part of the cultural response. DriveMode, an app created by AT&T, can be set before a driver starts the car. As the teen drives toward their location, the app reads their texts aloud to them. This allows teens to quench their social curiosity without becoming a danger to others.

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P&G Thank You, Mom, Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games TV Spot

Thank You Mom, Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Enjoy this spot from Proctor & Gamble called “Thank You, Mom”.

This is a feel-good, tear-filling spot created for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The video speaks of athletes practicing, falling and getting back up again, with the encouragement and faithfulness of mom. Just watch it.

If you like it, please share the video using the facebook & google plus buttons on the left.


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Westjet Christmas Surprise Video

Westjet Christmas Surprise - Child

Westjet Surprises Travelers with Christmas Gifts

WestJet, a Canadian Airline created this sweet christmas surprise video that will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. Not only is this an incredible way to build a great brand and promote a name, they were able to make this Christmas time, a wonderful memory for all the travelers that were involved.

WestJet created a fun way to ask their travelers what was on their wishlist. Then during their flight, more than 150 WestJet employees ran around, purchased these gifts, wrapped them and delivered them at baggage claim.

This is the type of clean cut advertising I can get on board with. Pun intended.

Westjet Christmas Surprise Video

Westjet Christmas Surprise Bloopers

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Apple iPad Air Pencil TV Ad Videos

Apple iPad Air Image

What Makes a Good TV Ad Commercial?

I love this this iPad Air Pencil Ad video. It’s beautiful, it artsy, it brings out emotions, it shares how the product could be useful and it’s memorable.

I’ve always thought that a good TV commercial should be able to connect the viewer with the product in several ways.

  1. Connect thru a specific emotion that the company wants to tie to the product
  2. Connect thru showing the relevance of the product to the viewer by painting a picture of how they may use the product
  3. Connect by showing off features of the product the user would get excited about
  4. Connect with either humor, art, or some form of creativity to make it memorable
  5. In the end, viewer should remember not just the commercial but the actual product!

Apple iPad Air Pencil TV Ad

Thus I’ve always been a fan of Apple Commercials. For the most part, they do a fantastic job of hitting each of these points. I can think of a more than a few commercials that simply shoot to capture an emotion while teaching you nothing about the product. These are the commercials you rave to your friends, but forget what product it was for. Others show a lot of functionality, features and specs but overload the viewer with things they aren’t all that interested in thus never answering the question of why I would want or need this product.

  • See some of their latest ads below and share your thoughts.
  • Any other examples of very good (or very bad) commercials?
  • Which company does way too much of one of the above, but not enough of another?

Apple – Pencil – iPad Air TV Commercial

Apple – Life on iPad – iPad TV Commercial

Apple Product Introduction Video

Also these “how it’s built” videos really helps build the perception that Apple products are high quality, high class, and makes me want to buy one even if I don’t need it.

Apple – Introducing iPad Air

Apple – Making the All-New Mac Pro

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Amazing One World Trade Center Time-Lapse Video

One World Trade Center HDR

Amazing One World Trade Center Time-Lapse Video

In honor of 9/11, the fateful day the world trade centers were attacked. Watch this time-lapse video clip highlighting the rise of the One World Trade Center which was built on top of the World Trade Center grounds. These shots were taken from October 2004 to September 2013. The One World Trade Center stands at 1,776 feet making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere.

Enjoy this time lapse with some epic music. Be inspired.
Share us your thoughts below of what kind of feelings this video elicited for you.


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Watching Puppy Videos increases Performance! Scientifically Proven?

Welsh Corgi Cute Puppy Pic Video
I feel my productivity rising!

Cutest Baby Puppy Videos on Youtube

It’s the justification you have been waiting for. You don’t have to feel guilty about watching puppy & kitten youtube videos anymore, because they make you better at your job. Dog lovers have always had a hunch this was true, but now science can officially back it up.

What if you could reap the benefits of dog or puppy ownership without all the hassle? Although spending Saturday morning on yard duty and shopping at Petco or Petsafe isn’t so bad, there are alternative ways to get your puppy fix without spending the time and money. Pets have been linked to increased health and happiness for years, but new data suggests that the mere act of looking at baby animals can give us an edge-up in life.

The Cute Animal Video Study

The Power of Kawaii (kawaii means cute in Japanese), a study by the University of Hiroshima, set out to analyze the effects of cute images on your brain. 132 university students were divided into three groups and given different tasks. The groups were asked to perform three sets of tasks: a game similar to Operation, a mathematical exercise with number sequences and exercises that determine one’s ability and willingness to work with others. Three separate studies showed that looking at cute baby animals causes your brain to concentrate better. One portion of the study determined whether participants were more mindful of others, and another tested their ability to think, concentrate and complete tasks. The group that looked at cute pictures of puppies and kittens showed a 44 percent improvement in performance and 13% improved accuracy in the numerical sequence exercise over those who looked at pictures of cats and dogs. Not only was the cute pictures group able to complete tasks more effectively and attentively, they completed focused tasks more quickly. Ipso facto, it is in your best interest to watch these videos of puppies playing. Your boss will thank you.

(Watch videos at your own risk! We hold no liability if you choose to watch videos at work and get in trouble!)

Below are videos for your enjoyment productivity.

  • Share your favorite cute animal videos in the comments!

Bath Time For Baby Pugs Video

The pug might be the most ridiculous-looking dog around, which makes for even more ridiculous puppies. The pug has dominated the pages of Buzzfeed and made many a cameo in blockbuster films, and it’s easy to see why.

Corgi Puppies Playing Video

There is nothing like watching a disproportionate puppy try to find its way in the world. A Corgi makes an excellent family pet, but they may try and herd you and your family. As you can see in the puppy video, they thrive on farms, but can adapt to just about any setting as long as they’re exercised.

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