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What Makes a Good TV Ad Commercial?

I love this this iPad Air Pencil Ad video. It’s beautiful, it artsy, it brings out emotions, it shares how the product could be useful and it’s memorable.

I’ve always thought that a good TV commercial should be able to connect the viewer with the product in several ways.

  1. Connect thru a specific emotion that the company wants to tie to the product
  2. Connect thru showing the relevance of the product to the viewer by painting a picture of how they may use the product
  3. Connect by showing off features of the product the user would get excited about
  4. Connect with either humor, art, or some form of creativity to make it memorable
  5. In the end, viewer should remember not just the commercial but the actual product!

Apple iPad Air Pencil TV Ad

Thus I’ve always been a fan of Apple Commercials. For the most part, they do a fantastic job of hitting each of these points. I can think of a more than a few commercials that simply shoot to capture an emotion while teaching you nothing about the product. These are the commercials you rave to your friends, but forget what product it was for. Others show a lot of functionality, features and specs but overload the viewer with things they aren’t all that interested in thus never answering the question of why I would want or need this product.

  • See some of their latest ads below and share your thoughts.
  • Any other examples of very good (or very bad) commercials?
  • Which company does way too much of one of the above, but not enough of another?

Apple – Pencil – iPad Air TV Commercial

Apple – Life on iPad – iPad TV Commercial

Apple Product Introduction Video

Also these “how it’s built” videos really helps build the perception that Apple products are high quality, high class, and makes me want to buy one even if I don’t need it.

Apple – Introducing iPad Air

Apple – Making the All-New Mac Pro

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