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Media Influence StatisticsHey Clean Cut Media Readers,

During this thanksgiving holiday, I am very thankful to have YOU, the readers here on Clean Cut media. I am even more thankful for those of you who have started to engage the posts by commenting with your thoughts. I would hate for readers to miss out on the interesting comments and poll results on past postings. Some of the comments are very interesting and we would all benefit from hearing the thoughts of each of you! So please visit some of the past articles, check out the comments and polls and share your thoughts! As always be courteous or should I say – Clean Cut.

Most Commented Articles

Have you read some of the comments made by our readers? Most of the posts on Clean Cut Media end with open ended questions in the hopes that collectively we can discuss the influences of media and our culture. I truly hope we can get to a point where we can post up topics and it is the COMMUNITY that will create the “real” juicy content through the discussions and commentary. So help us out! If you find the article or a comment made by another user interesting, please let us know your thoughts!

Teenager Kills Mother, Shoots Father Over Halo 3
– The comments have been a bit one sided due to the influx of readers coming from Halo Forum sites. What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree?

Clean Family Friendly Movie Reviews & Rating
– Many users have contributed to this list. We wanted to create a list of family friendly movies so users can know what movies are safe both for themselves and their children. Please be as detailed as possible when you contribute!

Creativity: Amazing 3D Building Art
– The art postings on Clean Cut Media always brings out a flurry of comments expressing their awe and delight in what they’ve seen. Check all our 3D Chalk arts postings.

Movie Review: Watchmen Morality Review
– Lot of interesting takes on this movie. What are your thoughts? If you didn’t see the movie, it’s ok! Still give us your take!

AdBlock Plus: Blocks All Ads on the Internet
– Have you downloaded this awesome plug-in? Eliminates Ads altogether!

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Movie Review
– Too much emphasis on teen love? Is the message behind the film good? Give us your thoughts?

Polyamory Relationships & Cultural Subjectivity of Truth
– Again, heavy feedback from the Polyamory community. Word got out about this posting via twitter. Comments are mostly by Polyamory participants. Your thoughts?

Top 5 Polls

Which is your Favorite Street Art – 820+ Votes
Users voted on their favorite 3D Chalk Art piece. River Rafting & Coke Bottle have run away with this.

Do you use Facebook and/or MySpace – 630+ Votes
In this article, we discussed the growth of Facebook vs Myspace. This poll helped determine who uses MySpace and who uses Facebook. Facebook easily is the most popular.

What is the Most Amazing – 300+ Votes
Users again voted for the most amazing Chalk Art. Dive Plank edged out Batman and Robin!

Which 3D Building Art is Your Favorite – 280+ Votes
Users love these opinion polls! Which one was their favorite? The one I voted for, the building ripped open. Really incredible. Check it out.

Have sites like YouTube helped or hurt our culture – 70+ Votes
Has Youtube helped our culture by enhancing the proliferation of information? Or has it somewhat hurt our culture? See how the votes are panning out!

Most Tweeted – Follow us at @CleanCutMedia

Those who are interested in Social Media Marketing tend to follow this blog for the statistical summaries and commentaries. There is a lot of information out there and users have found it useful to find it all consolidated on a couple posts. “ReTweet” is something fairly new on this blog, so it hasn’t picked up just yet, but hopefully it will continue to grow in the future. See the list below!

Social Networks in Asia: Korea, Japan, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore etc

YouTube Statistics – The Ultimate Time Suck

Polyamory Relationships & Cultural Subjectivity of Truth

Teenager Kills Mother, Shoots Father Over Halo 3

Twitter Statistics: Visitor Growth

Social Media Statistics Video – Growth & Impact

15 Beautiful HDR Photography Art

Most Visited Postings (excluding 3D & Social Media Articles)

Below are the most visited postings on Clean Cut Media this year. I’ve only linked the ones not linked above. Don’t want to link you out!

Movie Review: Watchmen Morality Review
Teenager Kills Mother, Shoots Father over Halo
Teens Sharing Nude Photos Online
– I really hope people are finding this article for the right reasons.
Influence of Media Advertising in our View of Life
– Pretty straightforward title. Very old post that started it all.
Israel Palestinians Media War
– Interesting post on the digital media war waged in the middle east.

Girl Self-Esteem Image Issues

– Great piece about Media’s affect on girl’s self image. Lots of Statistics.
Pro Anorexia Pro Ana Sites
– Discussion about Affects of Social Networks on Pro – Anorexia Groups.
Famous Manipulated Photos, Pre-Photoshop
– Take a look at famous pictures from history that were photoshoped for various purposes.

Hope that was helpful to help you navigate around the site. Please let us know which article was your favorite. Also please comment on the ones you find interesting and give us your take!

– Media Influence

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