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Clean Cut Media Getting Some Love

I’ll be frank. Every month I wonder, how in the world will the traffic grow over the previous month. January was pretty solid, how am I going to attract new users? Well despite the short month, internet users showed Clean Cut Media some love this past February. Recorded record day, record week, record month. Clean Cut Media continues to grow at a rapid pace. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Media Statistics - Clean Cut Media
Media Statistics - Clean Cut Media

For the 88% of you who are new visitors to the site, during the first few days of the month I review the site growth and review the top postings. This is a way of allowing the community members to share in the growing community.

Feb Growth: Up 88% from Jan
Feb Pageviews: 4,705 Pageviews

Top 5 Articles & Posts in Feb

In Order of Pageview Activity

There was a clear winner. The Creativity 3D Chalk Art post drew a lot of visitors this month as our images were picked up by Google Image and is now officially showing as the #1 picture on the page #1 for both web searches and image searches. It is my hope that many come in, enjoy the beautiful artwork but also browse around and find the rest of the media centric entries informative and useful.

Note that the data is for Feb, so postings earlier in the month have a clear advantage in these rankings versus ones posted few days ago.

(1) Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part I
(2) Creativity: Distorted Typography
(3) Israel & Palestinian’s Media War on the Gaza Strip
(4) Facebook vs MySpace Statistics
(5) Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part II

Just out of the top 5 were social issue articles such as Teen Kills for Halo 3, Sex Trafficking, Media Impact on Children, and Teen Media Depression

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As noted last month, if you want to write your own articles on social issues, movie reviews, or anything else, please feel free to submit to clean cut media and maybe it’ll appear as a post! Email Here

Fun Clean Cut Media Statistics Below

Top 10 Searches in February for Clean Cut Media

(1) “Chalk Art”
(2) “3D Chalk Art”
(3) “Typography”
(4) “3D Chalk”
(5) “MySpace Statistics 2009”
(6) “Slow Fade Meaning”
(7) “MySpace Statistic”
(8) “YouTube Statistics”
(9) “Impact of Media on children”
(10) “Facebook vs MySpace Statistics”

FUN FACT: 52% of users use internet explorer, 34% uses firefox, 10% uses Safari and 3% from Chrome!

Where is the Traffic From?

We’ve had visitors from 92 Countries. Canada & United Kingdom in a close battle for 2nd.

RANK (vs. previous)
[1] United States (-)
[2] Canada (+1)
[3] United Kingdom (-1)
[4] Australia (+2)
[5] India (-1)
[6] Philippines (-)
[7] Malaysia (+2)
[8] Singapore (-1)
[9] Serbia (New)
[10] Mexico (New)

Notables: Germany (11), China (17)
Dropped (prev rank): Germany (T-9), New England (T-9), Belgium (T-9)

Media Influence Searches

Search Engines: 57%  [ex. Google, Yahoo, MSN]
Direct: 26%  [Type in “]
Referring Sites: 15%  [Other Websites]
Other: 2%:  [ex. Gtalk]

February Media Post Recap

February posts were mostly focused on social issues.

Feb 3: Clean Cut Media: January Media Recap
Feb 5: Teen Media Consumption Associated with Depression Symptoms
Feb 7: Teenager Kills Mother, Shoots Father Over Halo 3
Feb 9: Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part II
Feb 11: Are Superbowl Ads Not Good for Kids?
Feb 13: Social Media effects on Law and the Legal System
Feb 15: Bad Economy? Not for Video Gaming!
Feb 18: Youtube Statistics – The Ultimate Time Suck
Feb 19: Child Online Protection Act Struck Down Again
Feb 20: Contest: Free Divorce for Valentines Day
Feb 23: Teens Sharing Nude Photos Online – Impact in Real Life Behavior
Feb 26: The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Sex Obsessed ABC “Family Channel”

Want more of a particular topic? Have ideas for articles or requests? Want to submit your own topic and opinion? Let us know below!

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