Letter to Readers of Clean Cut Media

Dear Clean Cut Media Readers,

Clean Cut MediaFirst of all, I apologies for the lack of postings. I am not sure if some of you may have thought Clean Cut Media was some amazing website backed by a pack of passioned writers with unlimited resources (ha! probably not many!), but it’s not. Yes I know, shocking. It’s actually a small, personal website designed for a few (mainly me) to share their desire to promote discussions about the effects of media on our worldview.

I had always hoped Clean Cut Media would be a place where I can post high quality, thought provoking articles even if it’s once every 2 weeks. That users would get excited when that next post finally came and swarm to the site in the millions (ok maybe in more like in pairs), But lo and behold, due to life just being very busy it’s been difficult.

I have nearly 300 drafts of things I had hoped to write on, but haven’t had enough time to write something worthwhile and extensive. Some of the drafts are too old now that I regret not being able to share with others. Thus…

More Reference Articles

Clean Cut Media is going to change its approach. I’ve decided that in between such posts, I will start to post smaller articles or reference links so that faithful readers like you can stay engaged and both interesting and fun content don’t go stale in draft purgatory. If I see a great article, rather then trying to rehash the details, I will link to the original source with a blurb and my quick thoughts. With this I hope that you will find Clean Cut Media to be a great resource to find quality content out there on the web. I will also start to post more videos of interesting media spots and videos in between articles that you will find interesting or engaging. Of course when I can, I will post more lengthy articles especially on subjects we feel is worth the attention. I am hoping this will give the site a little bit of reboot and will overall increase readership and engagement.

Writers, Guest Posts

We are also very open to guest posts as long as it is relevant to what this site is all about. For those interested in reaching out, details are on our “about us” page.

Thank You

Lastly, a huge thanks to all our readers. It is you that has brought this site from it’s humble beginnings to where it is now. It’s your honest comments and your shares in the social world that keeps us going. That and of course our desire to raise awareness the impact of media in our worldview.



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