Clean Cut Media – Growing Media Blog

Clean Cut Media – Growing Media Blog

Last month we had a tremendous jump in pageviews taking Clean Cut Media over the 10,000 pageview mark. We were very excited, yet we wondered, could we possibly keep up this visiting rate? Last month we had some exceptional days and some good breaks. Would this be the month where we see growth stagnate or heaven forbid, regress?

Mar: 12,651
Apr: 15,952

Maybe next time, for it is not this month.

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Top 10 Articles & Posts in April

In Order of Online Activity [Previous Rank]

(1) Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part I [1]

One day this post will no longer bring in the traffic that it does, but as long as it does, we’ll take it!

(2) Creativity: Amazing 3D Building Art [2]

(3) Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part II [5]

Highest Riser of the Month!

(4) Movie Review: Watchmen Morality Review [3]

Movie Reviews continued to draw in many visitors. I’ve hoped to find some time to discuss some recent movies I’ve seen such as Monsters vs Aliens and Knowing. If you want to contribute a Movie Review please email us.
info [at]

(5) irl Self-Esteem, Image Issues & Parents [NR]

NR means Not Ranked. A new post rose up the charts! If you haven’t read it please take a look!

(6) Teens Sharing Nude Photos Online – Impact in Real Life Behavior [6]

Check out the shocking statistics in this post! Very disturbing trend.

(7) Facebook vs MySpace Statistics [8]

(8) Israel Palestinians Media War on the Gaza Strip [7]

(9) Selling Products or Selling Lifestyle? [NR]

A very old post given new life as it was linked from the most recent post Influence of Media & Advertising in Our View of Life

(10) Average Adult Watches an Hour of TV Ads a Day [NR]

Dropped from Rankings
(11) Youtube Statistics – The Ultimate Time Suck [9]

(14) Social networks in Asia – China, Korea, Japan, India [10]

(17) Teen Kills for Halo 3 [4]

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Contribute! Get Involved!
We would love for the community to contribute content! Whether it be a full fledged article or tipping us on some great source or statistic, please let us know! Email Here

Want to contribute your company or website articles on Clean Cut Media? Wondering how to get us to link to your content? If you’d like to have your content posted on Clean Cut Media, we’ll be happy to provide a link reference on the post. Just let us know. Email Here

Fun Clean Cut Media Statistics Below

Top 10 Searches in February for Clean Cut Media

(1) “youtube statistics”
(2) “myspace statistics”
(3) “myspace statistics 2009”
(4) “latest youtube statistics”
(5) “asia popular social networking”
(6) “britiansgottalent”
(7) “impact of media on children”
(8) “media influence statistics”
(9) “myspace statistics 2008”
(10) “statistics on media influence”

FUN FACT: In March, users came in through 3,037 different keyword combinations!

Where is the Traffic From?

We’ve had visitors from 122 Countries. Not as much excitement this month as the top 7 countries held their places!

RANK (vs. previous)
[1] United States (-)
[2] Canada (-)
[3] United Kingdom (-)
[4] Australia (-)
[5] India (-)
[6] Malaysia (-)
[7] Singapore (-)
[8] Turkey [NR]
[9] Germany (-1)
[10] Pakistan [NR]

Notables: China (13), France (15), Taiwan (47)
Dropped (prev rank): [18] Hong Kong (-9), [23] Philippines (-13)

Media Influence Searches

Search Engines: 46% [ex. Google, Yahoo, MSN]
Direct: 42% [Typed in “]
Referring Sites: 11% [Other Websites]
Other: 1%: [ex. Gtalk]

FUN FACT:A little love to the #1 referring site (outside of Google) – Disgracepoint Fellowship. Disgracepoint is a humor site hosted by Gracepoint Fellowship Church. Thanks!

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