Who has Access to Your Facebook? Clean it in 1 Minute.

Facebook Lock Privacy Settings

Do you know who has access to your Facebook? Your Twitter? To your Google Account?

What Apps, Programs, Websites have you given access to over time that you have forgotten about?

You may be surprised how many apps have access to your account!

With the new year, take a few minutes to see who has access, and clean it up! A new site called “mypermissions.org” provides links to the various settings pages. It’s quite simple. No login needed. Just click on the link to go to your settings and see who is linked to your account.

If you are so lazy or so fearful of clicking over to another site… I have provided the direct links to your setting pages below. Just click on the links below, log into your account (unless you are already logged in) and you should be at your settings/access page. Just click off the ones you don’t want accessing your data! A fresh new start for 2012.

Facebook Settings
Twitter Settings
Google Settings
Linkedin Settings
Instagram Settings
Flickr Settings

  • Let us know, how many applications were accessing YOUR ACCOUNT?!
  • Were you surprised?

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    1. Hey Ana,

      Really appreciate the RT. Yes, I had noticed I had some apps that I forgot had access and was happy to remove them.

      I realized i hadn’t followed you on twitter despite reading your site many times. I just followed you both my accounts. appreciate a follow back if interested. @paullee @cleancutmedia

      thanks for visiting

  1. Thanks Paul for sharing this and I didn’t have a lot of apps anyway but there were some I needed to clean up that I just don’t use anymore.

    Great tool.


    1. thanks for visiting Adrienne, I didn’t have many apps either. Ironically for a guy people come to for social media advice, i don’t really use facebook for personal reason ha!

      thanks for stopping on by. come again.

  2. I accumulated a ton of apps on my facebook account and recently cleaned up the mess, although I did that from the settings link. Thanks for showing an alternate solution.

  3. The same can be checked using the Privacy Settings in Facebook, and navigating to ‘Apps’ from the left-hand bar. It shows you the apps that have access to your FB account, and the last time these apps attempted to access your account.

    The only apps that have accessed my account seem to be Twitter (since I have my Twitter account linked to FB) and a couple of social readers like the Washington Post, The Guardian, etc.

    Nonetheless, good post, RT’d and shared on my FB wall!

  4. Hey Ahmad, appreciate the share. The more we can share this kind of information, the more others can benefit.

    Seems like you have kept your accounts pretty clean!

  5. Ahh. I thought I would get a tool to automatically do this for me. I know this list. Thanks anyways for reminding me to clean up 2-3 apps everyday.

  6. haha. Well personally I like to see who has been having access to my account and thus would want to do this manually every couple weeks. I am also weary about downloading more tools! 🙂

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