Casting Crown – Does Anybody Hear Her

Casting Crowns - LifeSong

Casting Crown – LifeSong

Casting Crown’s “Does Anybody Hear Her” from the album LifeSong, reveals the responsibility of not only Christians (as portrayed in the video) but people in general to live a life in consideration of those around them. There are a lot of people who struggle through life, go through hardships and many who will sooner or later struggle with the meaning of life. Life has a way of asserting reality and the sooner we come to grips with the broken world we live in, the better we are in dealing with it. Of course along the way there is a desperate need to reach for something or someone outside of ourselves because we weren’t made to go at it alone. It’s not easy to open oneself to the trouble of others, let alone strangers but this video highlights how we are all called to love.

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Casting Crown is a contemporary Christian band. This video is obviously not intended to bash on church goers, rather highlighting the brokenness of the world and the desperate need for Christians to take heed of the call of needing to love those around them.

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  1. HI. What is the name of the movie that comes out in the video for Does Anybody Hear Her?

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