Kohler Numi Bidet Toilet for $6400

Summary of the Brokenness of our World

What has the world come to…

Kohler Numi Bidet Toilet

Don’t wait too long! You can’t sit on this forever! It’s a $6,400 toilet called “Numi”. It’s a “Smart Toilet” by Kohler that pretty much does everything and anything you never thought you wanted your toilet to do. I can do with a warm toilet seat, but different seat positions, water pressures, ambient lighting, foot warmer, air dryer, touch screen remote control, mp3 player? I ain’t touching that mp3 player.

Kohler Numi Toilet $6400
Don't Touch That! Very Expensive!

It’s a Fashion Statement for the Luxurious

David Kohler, president and COO of the Wisconsin-based Kohler company, says “the luxury market’s coming back in this country and (is) very strong in other parts of the world. This product is targeted at those consumers who want the best — they want the latest in design and technology (and) want a fashion statement in their home.”

Basically, we live in a country so wealthy, that dropping several thousand dollars down the toilet (oh yes puns very so intended) on a toilet seat for things you never thought you needed and still don’t need is actually realistic enough to build a business around. In the name of fashion? It’s so sad…

Kohler Numi Toilet Touchscreen
The Touchscreen I Never Want to Touch

Not only that, the feel of the commercial really tries to make the viewer feel like they luxury is good, something to be had and desired.

  • Do we really need to spend more and more on ourselves just because it’s available to us?
  • What is reasonable and when is it going to far?
  • How do we know when it is too much?

If it breaks, I don’t know if I should call the plumber or the computer geek next door.

What is wrong with your toilet?
Maybe I am running out of memory?
Have you tried rebooting it?

I am waiting someone to say April Fools, but… it’s not coming. It’s just so.. wasteful.

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