You’re Teaching My Child What? – Dr. Miriam Grossman

The sex-ed lobby has always claimed it was all about health—teaching kids how to stay safe. But in reality, their goal was not preventing disease, pregnancy, and emotional distress. It’s about indoctrinating them into a radical ideology—sexual freedom….

What’s the result of this [sex education] teaching? One in four American girls now has a sexually transmitted disease. – Breakpoint

  • Are sex educators not providing the latest medical facts?
  • Are we really missing out on scientific facts about our sexual health?
  • What are the latest findings on the effects of living with sexual freedom?
  • What are those scientific facts! Am I in danger?

You're Teaching My Child What - Physician Dr. Miriam Grossman M.D. - Sex Education

Dr. Miriam Grossman vs. Sex Educators

Dr. Miriam Grossman M.D, a board certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist, recently wrote a book called “You’re Teaching My Kid What?”.

She writes about the fact that sex educators as well as the SIECUS [Sexual Information and Education Council of the US], the organization that sets the standard for sex education, are not presenting the medical facts thus rather than empowering people to make the right decisions, they are giving them a false sense of security with disastrous results.

One example is how sex educators urge kids to avoid pregnancy by engaging in oral sex. But what about the medical facts?

– HPV can be transmitted during oral sex, and can cause cancers of the throat.

– Unlike girls, guys are not routinely screened for HPV. So even if his STD testing came back negative, a guy can unknowingly give you this virus, even if he uses a condom.

– If kids interact with five or more partners, they increase their risk [of oral cancer] “a whopping 250 percent.” And yet sex educators, Grossman writes, portray this activity as safe and normal.

Dr. Miriam’s Goal: Educate the Youth to the Medical Truths of Sexual Freedom

Her aim is simple: “As a physician who has spent hundreds of hours with young people with sexually transmitted infections, I’m on a one-woman mission to expose the falsehood of those claims.” What claim? Planned Parenthood, one of the biggest names in sex education says on their homepage “We deliver comprehensive and medically accurate information that empowers women, men, teens, and families to make informed choices and lead healthy lives.”

“I’m a doctor who is tired of seeing a steady stream of young people come through my office, casualties of the worldview that places sexual freedom before sexual health. The only power I have to fight this calamity is the power of the pen. While the nation struggles over issues related to health, and stands on the verge of supporting organizations like SIECUS with millions of tax dollars, does someone with authority have the courage to stand up and put an end to this fiasco?” – Dr. Miriam Grossman M.D.

Dr Miriam Grossman M.D. - Psychiatrist

SIECUS Undermines Parents with Different Messages

She has also published articles about how SIECUS adopts different positions depending on the audience. In public forums and statements, they tell the parents that their primary concern is with the child’s health. SIECUS says they tell the teens that it’s best for them to delay sexual activity. However in the material for teens, the message is about sexual rights and the freedom to make their own decisions at any age, regardless of what adults think.

An example of this is All About Sex. This pamphlet is the first resource suggested to young individuals on the SIECUS site. The piece begins by telling kids that everyone has their own way of expressing their sexuality, then it goes on to for eight pages discussing the a their “sexual rights”.

Read what it says:

“Every human being has basic rights. Still, adults may say and do things that make young people feel like they don’t have rights. It’s important for you to know your rights so that you can stand up for yourself when necessary.

She continues: “At every point in your life, you can choose if and how to express your sexuality.” Later: “It is up to you to determine how much risk you are willing to take.” And: “Many teens choose to be sexually active and many choose not to. You have the right to decide exactly what behaviors, if any, you are comfortable participating in….”

Basically, it’s a green light, telling kids it is all up to them to chose how much they’d like to risk. A far cry from promoting the delay in sexual activity message they promise to parents.

Her statement is simple, sex educators are not providing the medical facts that are absolutely neccessary for a child (and parents) to make the right decisions. Rather by avoiding all the hard data, sex educators are simply promoting the social agenda of sexual freedom and when sexual freedom reigns, sexual health suffers.

Breakpoint Commentary on Sex Education Messaging

Below is a recent post from Breakpoint.

Are you squeamish when it comes to talking with your kids about sex? Well, you’d better get to them fast, before they’re exposed to sex educators in school.

Dr. Miriam Grossman was lecturing at a Philadelphia college about sexual health. The students had invited her to talk about something they’d never encountered in all their years of sex education—the dangers of non-marital sex.

Grossman will never forget the girl who told her that everything she’d said about sexually transmitted diseases was correct. “I always used condoms, but I got HPV anyway, and it’s one of the high-risk types,” the girl said. If the infection did not go away, she had a 40 percent chance of developing cervical cancer.

In her new book, You’re Teaching My Child What?, Grossman says she felt “a wave of sorrow” at the girl’s words—but she was hardly surprised. The girl was yet another victim of a destructive philosophy that has been forced on America’s youth under the guise of “sex education.”

The sex-ed lobby has always claimed it was all about health—teaching kids how to stay safe. But in reality, their goal was not preventing disease, pregnancy, and emotional distress. It’s about indoctrinating them into a radical ideology—sexual freedom. Kids are urged to consult websites that urge them to begin “exploring” their sexuality at a young age, insist that sex at any age is a right, and encourage them to engage in bizarre and dangerous activities.

The findings of science are not allowed to interfere with these radical teachings. If new research proves the dangers of the behaviors they advocate, the so-called “sexperts” simply ignore it.

For instance, sex educators urge kids to avoid pregnancy by engaging in oral sex. But two years ago, cancer specialists found that oral cancers were on the rise among young adults, who used to be at very low risk if they did not smoke or drink.

If kids interact with five or more partners, they increase their risk “a whopping 250 percent.” And yet sex educators, Grossman writes, portray this activity as safe and normal.

What’s the result of this teaching? One in four American girls now has a sexually transmitted disease.

What do the sex educators say about this? They shrug it off, telling kids that “most” people contract an STD in their lifetime—as if such a thing were normal and unavoidable.

This ought to make us really angry. The “comprehensive” sex educators have done enormous harm to our kids. They keep right on teaching kids that life is a sexual-free-for-all with no consequences as long as they use so-called “protection.”

Read Dr. Miriam Grossman’s book, You’re Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Ed and How They Harm Your Child… And then, share it with the teens in your life. They need to know the truth—that while STDs, cervical cancer, and heartbreak may be increasingly common, they are no more “normal” than swine flu.


Here is a link to Amazon for the book. You can read some reader reviews there.

You’re Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Ed and How They Harm Your Child

Endorsements of “Teaching My Child What?” – From Amazon

“Parents, this book is a gift from a gutsy doctor who puts your child first. Dr. Miriam Grossman examines what the powerful sex education industry teaches your child, and what she finds will make your hair curl. Do you have a child in school? With this book you’ll understand the destructive agendas of so-called `scientific’ sex ed, then you’ll learn what your kids really need to know: politically incorrect truths that blow those agendas out of the water. Finally, a doctor who’s brave enough to break ranks and call foul. We owe her a standing ovation.”
–Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Author and host of a nationally syndicated radio program

“Dr. Miriam Grossman is a bright, bold, but solitary beacon revealing the avalanche of faulty sex education and counseling that is endangering the physical and emotional health of our young people and corrupting their futures. This is an alert that all parents must read, and an antidote that our young people can use against those so-called experts who would indoctrinate them.”
–Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D. Former President, American Psychological Association

“The sex education lobby systematically undermines traditional morality and aggressively promotes an ideology of sexual license while pretending to be concerned only with the health and safety of young people. The sad truth is that by subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) encouraging and often facilitating adolescent sexual activity, the sex ed establishment jeopardizes the physical and emotional health of children as well as their moral and spiritual welfare. It is high time that someone stepped forward to expose much contemporary sex education for what it is, namely, a series of catechism classes for the pseudo-religion of sexual liberationism. Dr. Miriam Grossman has done just that. This bold and brilliant physician has done the nation and its children a great service. Everyone who believes, as I do, in the importance of childhood innocence and safety, and the sound moral development of young men and women, owes Dr. Grossman an enormous debt.”
–Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Princeton University

Sample Reader Reviews of “Teaching My Child What?” – From Amazon

Must Read book for Parents

This is the first review I have ever written for a book. Never have I ever been so compelled to try and get the word out on an issue. This book MUST be read by every parent in the United States. Sex Ed in our schools must be updated. IT is false.

I heard Dr. Grossman interviewed on the radio. I was so compelled by her intellect and knowledge of the subject of Sexual Education in the public schools, that I purchased her book. This was a first for me. You see, I have three teenage children, two in college, and one in high school. I thought that it was high time I took a look at what their peers are being taught.

Dr. Grossman lays out, systematically and thoroughly in this book, the inaccuracies and outright lies of what is being taught by SIECUS (The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States), Planned Parenthood, and Advocates for Youth in our schools, and on websites that are recommended by our schools in the Sex Ed programs and accompanying pamphlets and brochures handed out in the nurses office or during the class.

This book starts with showing who is exactly teaching your children. She then covers the topic of the differences between boys and girls, and the false information taught in the SE classes. Next, she talks about the abstinence/protection/do it if it feels right issue, the doctor’s responsibility, the plagues of incurable sexually transmitted infections, gender identity and homosexual/heterosexual/transgender/etc. issues. All of these topics are taught to our children in the public schools. If a child doesn’t go to a public school, not to worry, most of this information is also available on line from the three above mentioned organizations and their websites, plus the sites that they link from within their sites. No child in the United States is truly exempt from this teaching.

The text is 188 pages with 48 pages of footnotes in much smaller font than the text. She amazed me with the research, and study that went into this book. In the introduction, I began to verify each footnote sited. By the end of the introduction, which contained 31 footnotes for 14 pages of text, I was convinced that she had done her homework and had completely studied and verified her claims. She makes a statement, and then shows you with easy to verify footnotes that prove what she is saying is true. Many footnotes are easily found online.

The book is filled with personal stories of her medical practice at university medical centers, as well as others that she has gleaned elsewhere.

She convinced me that the SE classes are being taught with faulty, outdated data, and sometimes even unscientific data. She presents in this book, the most up to date data and research available. One table that she presents as an appendix at the end of the book is dated June 19, 2009. This is current information. This is valid information.

Our children are not being given the most up to date, accurate information in their sex ed classes. They are being misled about things such as condom failure rates, percentages of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the fact that the younger you begin sexual activity, the more likely you are to become infected with an STI. This book needs to be read by you and your children if you deem it appropriate for their age. I would never recommend a parent give this book to your children to read before you have pre-viewed it. It is a book that we have discussed at great length in our home, but I would not allow younger children near it. It is graphic when it needs to be. We are talking about sex here, so a parent must use their own discretion when teaching the facts in this book to their children.

Dr. Grossman counters sex ed lies with hard science,

Wow! Just as the subtitle of the book states, Dr. Grossman exposes lies – sex education lies – and that they harm our children. She asserts that the health of our youth are in a `911 emergency’ state and explains how the sex education industry priorities are detrimental to our children. She counters with the biological and neurological truths that should be part of sex education messages they receive.

“You’re Teaching My Child What?” is a must read for any adults who care about and are involved in the lives of young people. Check out the references Dr. Grossman has highlighted as examples of teen `health’ sites – ones that are endorsing risky, bizarre and fringe behaviors. Learn why she believes sexuality educators “send these kids into a minefield”. Don’t assume her message is simply about abstaining from sex, as her approach focuses on biological truths and hard science.

Most importantly, Dr. Grossman guides parents, educators and health providers as to the message we should be conveying to our youth. She includes practical suggestions for parents “to optimize your child’s chance for a life of healthy sexuality”. One can gain knowledge to counter destructive messages your child is receiving and be encouraged to provide the truths they deserve to hear.

As a mother who has checked things out enough to be alarmed and shocked at the sexuality indoctrination, I am grateful to Dr. Grossman for her commitment and boldness. I highly recommend “You’re Teaching My Child What? A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child”.

See more reviews on Amazon:
You’re Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Ed and How They Harm Your Child

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  1. okay, i have a question. Is a guy teacher allowed to teach girls between the ages of 14-15 about sex ed?

    1. Hey Erin,

      good question. If only i knew the answer! Maybe a teacher out there could help?

      I would imagine there being no such restrictions, though I can see how it could be quite awkward 🙂

  2. Absolutely agree with what you have said. As a student in high school I felt awkward that they didnt teach abstenence and only protection. I think things definately need to change.

  3. I would like this book to be publish in spanish too because as hispanic we need this type of education in our society, things are really hard outside in world and nobody is teaching what Dr.Miriam is
    teaching right now. Is sad that schools stead of educated kids are ruined them for life.

  4. Dr. Netz Gomez is recomending your book and I’m really grateful for that, he is in a christian radio station in california in spanish he rally support your way of teaching about sex.
    Thank you!

  5. It was talking about the dangers on non-marital sex at the beginning, but even when married you can still contract these diseases. People should be aware of all the risks before choosing, however in the end it is the persons choice, not the parents when they are comfortable in engaging in anything sexual.

    1. the risks increase with each partner you have and also the amount of partners your partner has had before you….so can you contract these in marriage, yes but in a monogamous relationship on both ends it is unlikely. (Impossible if neither is a carrier to begin with and it is truly monogamous.)

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