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Facebook Logo - Large Square“Thanks to Facebook, I never lose touch with anyone. And that, my Friend, is a problem.”

A perusal of my Facebook Friend roster reveals that I, a medium-social individual of only middling lifetime popularity, have never lost a friend. They’re all there: elementary school friends, high school friends, college friends, work friends, friends of friends, friends of ex-girlfriends—the constellation of familiar faces crowds my Friendbox like medals on Mussolini’s chest. I’m Friend-rich—at least onscreen. I’ve never lost touch with anyone, it seems. What I’ve lost is the right to lose touch. – Wired Magazine

Facebook, the Ultimate Social Friend Network

Facebook is one of the most well known social network of our time. Millions of people are reconnecting with old friends and utilizing this network to stay connected with those in the present. It opens up another venue to keep in touch and drop a friendly hello while keeping track of what each person is up to. You can meet people with similar interest as well as discovering who in your circle is connected to who.

But being closely linked to a person is not always a good thing. Who do you have linked into your facebook? How many of them are actual “friends”, and how many are people you rarely ever talk to? How many of those are people you no longer want to associate with? How many of those are exs… what if you are married already? Could it potentially be dangerous? An open door for possible temptation?

Question to Ponder: Is staying connected with everyone a good thing?

Every one of these individuals in your Facebook Friend’s List can potentially follow your every move and see every action depending on your Facebook privacy settings. What is worse is that not only can they see your pictures, they can post pictures of YOU and tag that picture with your name. Has anyone experienced old unflattering pictures from the past come back and haunt you? An old high school friend posts a very compromising pictures tagged with your name and suddenly it becomes viewable to your co-workers, to your spouse, to those who may never thought you could have been this way. What are the pros and cons of a network such as these?

Just throwing it out there.

  • What do you think? Have an opinion?
  • Pros? Cons?
  • Have your own horror story?

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