Mac vs PC Elimination Apple Commercials: Product Not Lifestyle

Here at Clean Cut Media, we show a critical eye to TV Commercials, TV Shows and Movies in regards to the level of unnecessary mature themes such as sexual innuendos and crass jokes , even in children movies. We also touch upon how media tends to paint a particular way of life or a particular image that can give the wrong kind of picture of reality and what is considered the norm.

Product Centric vs Lifestyle Centric TV Commercials

Mac vs PC Elimination TV Commercial Spot
Mac vs PC Elimination TV Commercial Spot

However we aren’t all just about the end of media and desire to live in a log cabin somewhere in the middle of forest where we can be free from the evil that is the world. I personally work in the marketing world and also produce videos, art among other media centric work in my free time. So here at Clean Cut Media we regularly post videos, advertising, commercials, art and anything else we can get a hand on as examples of media creatively done with class.  Below are two examples of a well made commercial that does an excellent job highlighting the features or advantageous of a product. This is in comparison with the habit of companies that produce commercials with the sole intent, not to sell the product, but a lifestyle or associate their product to some good feeling or experience. Is the latter ethical? That is a judgment call depending on the message of the commercial itself, but we have to appreciate the commercials that does sell the product for the value it itself.


Mac vs PC Apple TV Commercial Spot – Elimination

Created by TBWA Media Arts Lab for Apple, this spot was a response to the latest Microsoft “I’m a PC” video campaigns. “I’m a PC” depicts regular people given $1000 to buy a notebook computer. They roam around the store highlighting the features that they want as they look at a variety of PC options. Ultimately they end up rejecting a mac because it isn’t a good gaming machine, or doesn’t have some particular feature or oddly enough too expensive (despite being given money).

Apple created this video as part of their Mac vs PC series to poke fun at Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” campaigns. It indirectly pokes fun at the numerous PC options that isn’t so numerous when looking for particular features. At the end the buyer asks for a computer that “don’t have viruses” “don’t crashes” and “don’t give you headaches”. This is one of the biggest advantages of owning a mac and apple does creative job getting this message across. Enjoy.

Jet Blue Seat Monster TV Commercial Spot

Another nicely made TV spot, Jet Blue first shows the issue of cramped space and lack of leg room on most airlines, then compares this discomforting situation to Jet Blue where they show has plenty of leg room. Done with wonderfully done animation, this is another example of a well executed commercial with a tight clean message highlighting a particular feature.

Hope you enjoyed those TV spots!

  • Have you seen great, creative commercials that focuses on value or features lately? Let us know! Or perhaps you recently ran into an example of one that abuses our emotions and needs. All are welcome.

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