Are You Addicted to the Internet? Statistics. [Infographic]

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

The internet is a tool we use in our every day lives. We use it to look up information, we use it to communicate, we use it to socially connect with others, we read the news, play games, and sometimes simply waste hours on end watching youtube videos or reading pointless articles. There is a good chance you used the internet in some form within the last few hours whether to check mail or browse to kill time.

So the question to ask is – Are you addicted to the internet?

Check out the cool infographic at the bottom of the post about internet addiction and use below. Also take our fun poll afterwards!

  • US Residents considered regular Internet Users: 68.9%
  • Find it hard to stay away from internet a few days: 13.7%
  • Conceal non-essential use from family and friends: 8.7%
  • Relationships suffered as a result of excessive use: 5.9%

1 in 8 individuals show signs of problematic internet use

  • Time Spend Online per Month (Sept 2008): 22 Billion Hours
  • Time Spend Online per Month (Sept 2009): 27 Billion Hours

Internet Use in the Workplace

  • 67% of employees admitted using internet for personal reasons during work hours
  • 60% of companies had disciplined employees for inappropriate internet use
  • 30% of companies had fired employees due to inappropriate internet use

Internet Usages

  • Online Shopping: 24%
  • News: 23%
  • Pornography: 18%
  • Gambling: 8%
  • Auctions: 6%

Internet Activity on the Mobile Phone:

  • 63.2 Million access news or information on their phone each Month
  • 22.4 Million access news or information on their phone Daily

Usage Breakdown:

  • 9.3 Million – Social Networks
  • 5.5 Million – Entertainment News
  • 3.3 Million – Finance
  • 3.1 Million – Movie Information
  • 2.5 Million – Business

Internet Addiction Infographic

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Internet Addiction Statistics Infographic

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  1. openly addicted, see no problem. you get to keep your teeth, don’t ya?
    the way i see it, 1 in 8 individuals need a life, to the rest of y’all, happy surfing!

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