Improv Everywhere Star Wars Scene at New York Subway

Star Wars Improve Everywhere Scene - Leia

Promoting Good Clean Media

Here at Clean Cut Media, instead of just bemoaning and deriding degrading media, we also like to promote and share a good CLEAN ad, commercial, movie or video when we see one. Bad media is often just driven by the fact that things like violence and sex simply sells, so it’s important we support what is good and clean. Other times, we just share because we like it! These Improv Everywhere videos? It’s clean and we just like it!

Who is Improve Everywhere?

Improve Everywhere is a group that organize giant scene stealing events in public areas. Their “missions” are hilariously fun. They unfortunately aren’t always squeaky clean, but the ones they are best known for all are really fun to watch.

Below is their most recent mission “Princess Leia & Darth Vadar Star Wars Subway Scene” as well as 4 other great mission worth watching. Don’t miss out on “Frozen Grand Central” and “Food Court Musical” both are classics.

Star Wars Improve Everywhere Scene - Storm Troopers

Princess Leia & Darth Vader Star Wars Subway Scene

Princess Leia, Storm Troopers and Darth Vader invades the New York City subway car reenacting a scene from Star Wars. Since the white sliding doors were very similar to the doors from the rebel ship, they utilized multiple stations to have different characters enter into the scene. Very well done.

The buildup was great. By the time Darth Vader enters in the third station, every erupted in laughter. Especially as Darth Vader first time hit his head on the roof due to the height of his helmet.

Enjoy the video below:

Star Wars Improve Everywhere Scene - CrowdsI can forsee many more episodes being a huge hit. See the video right below these pictures.

Shot by: Matt Adams, Jason Eppink, Erik Martin
Cast: Princess Leia (Cody Lindquist), Stromtroopers (Patrick Cassels, Brian Murphy, Josh Ruben). Darth Vader (Alex Scordelis)

Grand Central - The Main Concourse - Improve Everywhere

Enjoy More Improv Everywhere Videos!

See below for some of Improv Everywhere’s top missions.

Frozen Grand Central by Improv Everywhere

Imagine walking through one of the busiest train stations in New York then suddenly you realize everyone around you is frozen still! Sounds eerie? This is exactly what happened in Grand Central New York when 207 “agents” or participants all froze at exactly 2:30PM in all sorts of different poses and scenes.

Strangers started to talk to each other trying to figure out what is going on. Others took pictures with the frozen agents.

Food Court Musical by Improv Everywhere

16 Agents create a spontaneous musical in a food court in a Los Angeles mall. The cameras were hidden throughout the scene and their voices were amplified throughout the food court via wireless microphones and the mall’s announcement system.

This mission was spawned by requests from fans that thought it was so random that people just break out in song in musicals. So Improve Everywhere finally took up the call.

The best is the slow buildup where different people from the audience would join in the musical and break into song. Audience reaction was priceless especially during a couple “twists”…

The song was an original written by Scott Brown and Anthony King. Very well done. The choreography was done by Agent Tallaksen.

Song by Scott Brown and Anthony King
Arranged by Jamie Laboz

Best Game Ever by Improv Everywhere

Numerous Agents come to a random little league game and make it into a full major league baseball experience. The teams, coaches and parents have no idea what is going on. A huge crowd shows up, they setup a jumbotron, NBC Sports comes to announce the game over the PA system, and a blimp flies overhead capping this incredible experience for the children. The announcers knew the kid’s names, nicknames and the crowd was fired up throughout. Pretty sweet experience for the kids.

Apologies for the thumbnails of the crazy fans. Why they chose that thumbnail I don’t know, but the video itself is very clean. It was a fun experience for the kids involved.

Grocery Store Musical

6 undercover agents start a “spontaneous” musical in a grocery store in Queens. The musical was shot with hidden cameras and amplified through the store’s PA system.

Song by Scott Brown & Anthony King

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  1. Yeah most likely not. But along the same lines I guess. Not as creative as Improve Everywhere but still well done and very fun.

  2. I love this! I’ve seen the Frozen Grand Central before, but I think the Food Court Musical is my favorite! I always wondered what life would be like if it were a musical…

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