Nickelback – Savin’ Me [Music Video]

Nickelback - All the Right ReasonsNickelback – Savin’ Me

By Paul Lee

No explanation needed. This Music Video by Nickelback called “Savin’ Me” paints a poignant picture of how life is finite. It awakes the viewers to the certainty of death and how none of us know when it will come.

Just imagine if you could see what the character can see. How would you view others if you knew the limited time you had with them? How would you live your life if you were constantly reminded of how finite your life really is? If you knew you only had a couple years left? But the more important fact is this – we CAN’T see it. We do not know when our life will end. We convenient live our lives ignoring this fact and choosing to live as if we will live forever. So how should we live then? What kind of questions should we ask and get answered before our time is up. Or do we ignore this fact just because we can’t plainly see it as the character does.

Have you thought about how short life is, and the repercussion it SHOULD have on your life and how you view things like money, career, and what is worth giving your life to?

See it for yourself.

Get Nickelback – Savin’ Me Here


Nickelback is an excellent band with good themes in lot of their songs. Have a listen.


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  1. It’s interesting how once a person is saved they can see the numbers on other people. It’s so true of the Gospel. Before seeing I needed it, people were either competition or useful resources. After understanding the Gospel and accepting it, I see it as a matter of life and death for everyone, and people became precious children of God in need of a ‘cure’ for their sins.

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