The Short Film List – Distraxion, Signs, Black Holes & Kiwis

Short Film - Distraxion, The Black Hole, Kiwi

Short Videos & Short Films

All the recent posts have been about heavy topics, so here is a breather both for the artists out there as well as the casual video viewer. I’ve put together links to a few well made (and of course Clean Cut) short videos & short films. I’ve only included ones you may have not seen. So no pixar shorts!

Short videos are very difficult to create because the producer needs to sum up a quick story within a very short time frame usually around 1:30-2 minutes. Short films can range anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. To develop a story, create the right mood and have character development in such a short period takes much planning and creativity. Below are some of the excellent short films & videos I’ve ran across in the past.

Distraxion – Short Video

Check out this awesome animation short video called Distraxion. Very clever and well made. All the story is developed in 1 minute and 48 seconds. Very entertaining.

Signs – Short Film

2009 Cannes Lions Winner. I really enjoyed this short film. The main characters don’t say a single word throughout the film. I love how it really highlights the monotony of life. I had wanted to make a film similar to this (but more serious, without the love twist). This film is 12 minutes and 12 seconds. Despite a lack of words, the music and shots are done well to create a sense of buildup. The story develops well throughout. (One character does make an inappropriate joke though.)

The Black Hole – Short Film

I had written a whole postings on the subtle messages that can be gleaned from this short. Check it out here: The Black Hole – Underestimating the Subtle Power of Desire.

If you like the soundtrack of this film you can purchase it here

Kiwi – Short Video

A very touching little short. Very entertaining, though the ending makes you really wonder about this particular Kiwi’s life and end.

My Name is Lisa – Short Film

I have mixed feelings about this video. On one hand, it is not a very well made video. Nothing fancy, very simple. Not much of a deep development. However it’s a clear and simple depiction into, well you’ll see.

Hey readers, I have feelings to. Spare a minute and share your thoughts!
(I should make a short film about the blogger’s work)

  • Tell us what you thought about the videos!
  • Which one was your favorite?
  • Which one had the best message?
  • Which one had the most interesting message?
  • Which one was the most well done?
  • Which one touched your heart the most? Why?

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  1. Thanks for posting these! I really like all the videos =) I thought that The Black Hole had the best message, Kiwi was the most interesting, and Signs was the most well done/developed. My Name is Lisa is the one that touched me the most, especially as it showed the progression of the mother’s struggle and also how the relationship between Lisa and her mother changed.

  2. Interesting videos. I thought the scariest was The Black Hole- simply because it captures how ambition slowly captures you. Not sure about the last one being a promo video.

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  4. hi all,
    the black hole thing was super !@!@
    amazing thing nice one mate !


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