Clean Cut Media – Rapid Rise

Clean Cut Media Climbing the Ranks

Dumbfounded again. Pageviews (Growth). I am a very strong optimist but each month I still wonder how it could possibly grow anymore.

Jan: 2,504 Pageviews
Feb: 4,705 (88%)
Mar: 12,651 (169%)

Clean Cut Media Statistics Weekly
Clean Cut Media Statistics Weekly

I expected some growth this month, but the incredible jump was unexpected. Clean Cut Media is starting to draw some attention by fellow bloggers and websites as we occasionally get emailed notes from similar sites. It’s also a good sign when other blogs link to your articles!

We were even approached for an acquisition! If you haven’t figured out, that was on April 1st. I was sent some personal startled notes from the regulars.

Top 10 Articles & Posts in March

In Order of Online Activity

(1) Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part I

Continues to dominate this top spot. Driver of the most new visitors looking for beautiful artwork.

(2) Creativity: Amazing 3D Building Art

(3) Movie Review: Watchmen Morality Review

Attracted the most discussion considering Watchmen was one of the bigger movies in the past few months. Contribute your thoughts!

(4) Teen Kills for Halo 3

Huge lift after being linked from a Halo 3 Gaming Forum. The Gaming community are clearly upset that Halo is being linked to this death, quickly to question at the youth involved.

(5) Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part II

(6) Teens Sharing Nude Photos Online – Impact in Real Life Behavior

Still one of the more shocking statistics posted on Clean Cut Media.

(7) Israel Palestinians Media War on the Gaza Strip

(8) Facebook vs MySpace Statistics

(9) Youtube Statistics – The Ultimate Time Suck

(10) Social networks in Asia – China, Korea, Japan, India

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Contribute Your Own Content
If you would like to contribute your own articles media influence, social issues, movie reviews, or anything else, please feel free to submit to clean cut media and maybe it’ll appear as a post! Other websites can can contribute their content, I’ll happily give link reference at the end of the post.Email Here

Fun Clean Cut Media Statistics Below

Top 10 Searches in February for Clean Cut Media

(1) “youtube statistics”
(2) “myspace statistics”
(3) “myspace statistics 2009”
(4) “latest youtube statistics”
(5) “3d chalk art”
(6) “impact of media on children”
(7) “watchmen movie nudity”
(8) “chalk man artist”
(9) “watchmen nudity”
(10) “3d building art”

FUN FACT: In March, users came in through 2,591 different keyword combinations!

Where is the Traffic From?

We’ve had visitors from 112 Countries. Canada after taking 2nd from United Kingdom successfully held it’s spot creating some cushion this month. No movement in the top 5. Singapore took the largest drop as we welcome Germany and Hong Kong into the top10!

RANK (vs. previous)
[1] United States (-)
[2] Canada (-)
[3] United Kingdom (-)
[4] Australia (-)
[5] India (-)
[6] Malaysia (+1)
[7] Singapore (+1)
[8] Germany (NR)
[9] Hong Kong (NR)
[10] Philippines (-4)

Notables: France (11), Taiwan (14), China (18)
Dropped (prev rank): Serbia (T-56), Mexico (26)

Media Influence Searches

Search Engines: 45% [ex. Google, Yahoo, MSN]
Direct: 36% [Type in “]
Referring Sites: 18% [Other Websites]
Other: 1%: [ex. Gtalk]

Want more of a particular topic? Have ideas for articles or requests? Want to submit your own topic and opinion? Let us know below!

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  1. Hello Clean Cut Media,
    I have been reading this blog for a month or so and i am so thankful that there is a source that can give a fresh look on media and question its contents.
    I was wondering if it was possible that articles were posted on the topic of japanese animation, aka anime. I feel like anime is gaining more popularity, not only in japan but also in the US among the youth, and as a former anime watcher, i know what kind of distorted views animes portray. If there are any statistic data or analysis on anime, I think it would be a topic that would be great if we are aware of. Thank you again for all the blog posts!

    1. i think that is a great idea Daniel. Thank you, I’ll definitely look into it.

      I can see how the messages found in anime are really fascinating because you just know it is heavily influenced by the mix of Japanese (Eastern) spiritual heritage and Japan’s almost “extreme” modern culture.

      If any of the readers would like to contribute facts, statistics, or even full blown commentary please send to We’d happily take a look!

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