No Freedom of Religion, Anti-Christian Britain?

How aware are you in regards to the media’s impact on our view of religious freedom?

Freedom of Religion Curbed
If I asked you to think of a country that has no freedom of religion, what countries come to mind? Perhaps an Islamic country like Afghanistan where converting from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death? Perhaps a country like China where churches are persecuted and people are only allowed to meet in a handful of government sanctioned churches? How about the United Kingdom?

Story of a Dedicated Foster Mother
There was once a foster mother who dedicated her life to taking in fosters kids and providing them love and care. As a practicing Anglican Christian, she had devoted her life to a life of love. In 10 years she had brought in over 80 foster kids. She rented out a farmhouse so she could provide them a home and experience having a family.

One of her foster children who was 16 at the time, became interested in Christianity on her own and asked if she could attend church. She eventually would also desire to be baptized. She said that this was a chance to allow the baptism to be the “washing away of the horrible things she had been through and a symbol of a new start.”

Considering her broken past, this was a chance to start with a new slate, only

problem was she was born a Muslim and being baptized into a different faith is considered the abandonment of Islam. Ok. So that is her choice and it is a free country so what is the big deal right?

Access Denied - Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religious Choice – Denied
Though the foster mother had not encouraged the girl’s interest in Christianity, she was removed from the foster care provider list despite her long history of providing excellent care to 80 foster children! A child in her custody was taken away from her, and she lost the farmhouse due to lost income. To top it off, the government officials then told the young girl she must stay away from church for six months.

If you have any sense of civil liberties and freedom I am sure you are thinking the same thing I am… what in the world?

But don’t be too surprised. There are other such stories though maybe not as poignant, such as a nurse who was suspended for offering to pray for ill patients.

Thankfully, both the foster mother and the girl are fighting against this ruling with the help of Britain’s Christian Institute. It is not right for a country to deny a person their freedom of religion as it is a natural right of any free society. A spokesman who say that he couldn’t imagine an atheist foster parent being revoked if a “Christian child in her care stopped believing in God”

  • Does this come as a surprise to you?

The media has a way of picking and choosing their focus. Media loves to latch onto stories such as separation of church and state or “creationism” vs. evolution because such topics are controversial and will be read by the masses. These topics are easy to come by. It’s the battles that tingle our sense of justice and our loyalties to our own inner beliefs that gets us riled up. Media companies love this, they know it helps in their sales.

But didn’t this true story, also bring about a sense of outcry? Whether you are Christian or not, we all have this external sense of justice and morality that we get from somewhere. It allows us to innately know what is right or wrong despite our belief differences.

How come it is so hard to come by these type of stories?

  • What are your thoughts about this?

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