How the Internet is Ruining Your Brain [Infographic]

Internet Use & Depression Statistics

This has to be the ugliest, most mind draining infographic ever made. However, the statistics are interesting a relevant so put on your thinking caps, take off your creative sensibilities and check out the statistics below! Highlights written out for the faint of heart.

Statistics: How the Internet is Ruining Your Brain

Internet Depression Sad TeenInternet Usage Statistics

  • 35 Billion: Collective hours we spend on the internet per month
  • 3x: We consume 3x more information than the 60s’ (not that I would know)
  • 61%: Admit to being addicted to the Internet (that means either you or I are addicted. It’s you… i think)

Multitasking the Internet

  • Frequency: We Change Windows/Check Email/Programs more than once every 2 minutes
  • Avg Tabs Open: See chart below. It’s a lot. How many do you have open right now!

Google is Great, but makes you Dumb

  • 7.2 Billion: # of times we collectively visit Google per day
  • 3 Billion: # of queries we collectively make per day

Social Networking – Growing # of “Friends”

  • 8 Hours: # of hours a month we spend on Facebook
  • 245: Avg # of Friends
  • 73.2%: Percentage of those friends we really know
  • 4%: Percentage that we would actually hang out with

Internet Causing Happiness or Depression?

  • Heavy internet users are 2.5x more likely to be depressed (chicken & egg?)

Internet Depression & Usage Statistics

Share Your Thoughts

Use your brain a bit.
Seriously Google makes it so easy to look up information as it is needed. How did we live without Google back in the day? Hmm… can’t remember. I better Google it…

  • How many tabs do YOU have open?
  •  Do you agree the Internet is causing some bad mojo?
  •  Does your head hurt from trying to read this infographic?
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  1. Excellent post. I open multiple tabs because of the nature of my work. I think internet can only a bad effect depending how you use it and your freedom to use it.Reading the infographic not hurt my head but my eyes.The color is pretty painful to my eyes i don’t know if to other readers too.

  2. Brilliant infographic, and alarming stuff, to be honest! Whoa! I think I’ll need a few minutes to wrap my head around all that!

    A few points:
    1. I can totally relate to the ‘opening multiple tabs and windows’ point. Like Becca, my work forces me to do so, but I find that I do it even at home, especially when going through my Facebook in the evening, as there’s just so many interesting links on there! I rarely end up reading all the links though. And then I have multiple Youtube videos open in separate tabs as well, at time my poor i3 processor can barely cope!
    2. 100 agreed with the face that Google has virtually replaced our brains. Our thinking capacity and memory has gone, and we are no longer able to retain information that we used to when Google wasn’t around. Now, we know that any information is always a couple of clicks away. And that’s not a good thing at all.

  3. I don’t think so. As I’ve knew internet has a huge help for us. It help us to explore even you are at home. That why for me internet is not the reason for ruining my brain.

  4. That was an infographic post. Thanks for sharing this with us. But I can’t rid my self exploring in the internet.

  5. As I’ve knew internet has a huge help to us. I spent most of my time exploring in the internet. Thanks for the informative blog.

  6. thanks for the thoughtful responses.

    Yes I admit, even at this browser i have open has…20 tabs open. I use tabs almost as bookmarks to return to later. Some of these tabs have been open for over a week! 🙂 And this is just my chrome browser..

  7. It would be interesting to see what exactly we were doing before ‘wasting time online/on Facebook’. Productive work hours have always been 4/8, even before the advent of social media. Which makes me believe that people engaged in more one-on-one interaction and are now spending the same time interacting via computers.

  8. Go to the Brain Speed Test section of the Posit Science website, available in Resources.

  9. Great use of images. Infographics always seem to add spice to articles … particularly on the web. And, without a doubt, some of those stats are still mind-boggling!

  10. Actually I voted 6-12 hours but the truth is during that time, i keep wondering if i received any email messages, what’s the breaking news, and so on and so forth.. I certainly hope the internet is not mucking my brain… that would be sad..coz i am happy when i’m online!

  11. Have to agree the internet is killing the brain and lets not forget your health.

  12. now a days kids do there simple conversion of meters,centimeters by automated tools from internet what else is left now

  13. I didn’t know internet could be this dangerous to your brain, it is making us lose a lot of time and it is not good for our health, but it is like an addiction.

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