Clean Cut Media – Torn Both Ways

Clean Cut Media Torn Heart
Clean Cut Media Torn Heart

Hello Clean Cut Media Visitors!

What most of you are not aware is the fact that Clean Cut Media has been growing at a ridiculous rate. See the numbers for itself.

Jan: 2,509 Pageviews
Feb: 4,700 Pageviews
(87% Growth)
Mar: 12,651 Pageviews
(169% Growth)

We will post more exciting details as we do in the beginning of every month.

However considering the growth…

Family Social Advocacy Site Approaches Clean Cut Media
I’ve been in talks with a family/social advocacy site about them potentially acquiring this blog and domain. So far the money on the table is quite a large sum (think a couple zeros). It is a reasonable amount considering a good domain name alone with nothing on it can go from anywhere from $500 to $50,000. A site that already is built out and have followers like Clean Cut Media, the price is much higher. They have also offered to keep me on board and pay me (not much but a decent rate) to help maintain the blog and contribute articles.

Torn – What should Clean Cut Media Do?
This is part of the reason the posts has been slower than usual. I am torn. By selling the blog my thoughts and hopes of what I wanted to build this site into could go into smoke if the owners want to take a different route. You may think, “just sell it and build a new one with the money!” But it’s really hard to find a good domain name without a thousand hyphens ( and it’s always difficult to build a following from scratch. What we have here is special. That is why people are willing to pay to acquire one that is already established and growing.

Anyhow wanted to let the community know of my current plight. What do you think?

Those who clicked into the posting truly care. All 10 of you. Just kidding. This is a historic day for Clean Cut Media. Better jot down the date.

  • What would you do in such a situation?

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