Can you Undo your Past? Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Gracepoint Fellowship Church – GLive Opening Video

Gracepoint Berkeley Church, a Christian Church located near UC Berkeley, recently had a large scale performance called Gracepoint Live or “GLive”. This production occurs every 2 or 3 years where 100s of college students who are part of one of their affiliated Christian campus groups perform several skits and musicals tackling life questions. About 1900 were in attendance this past weekend.

This year their theme was “UNDO: Can you delete the past?” discussing the regrets we have or will have about life. Below is their opening video.

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This video was created by a couple people part of Gracepoint Fellowship Church. I think they did a spectacular job considering they aren’t professionals. From video shooting, editing, music, and sound everything was done from scratch. The message is very hopeful and you could imagine it setting a great tone for the night.

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