Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley – More Than a Face: Media & Self-Image

More than a Face - Media Impact on Self Image

More than a Face - Media Impact on Self Image

Next Session: 8/22 @ 7:30-9PM
Gracepoint Berkeley Church – Alameda
2000 Northloop Drive. Alameda, CA 94502

Gracepoint Fellowship Church, a Berkeley church located near the UC Berkeley campus, is having free seminars / workshops called Life Matters. These are free courses that require no commitment or previous attendance. Some food is provided for free and the event is followed by a Board Game Night. They will have stack full of board games for people to stick around and play with one another.

The reason Gracepoint Berkeley Church’s Life Matter course is listed here is because they have a workshop called “More Than a Face”. This workshop address our media-based society and how the media shapes and affects our self-image. This specifically addresses how media affects the modern women’s self image. Though targeted to women, all is welcome. The will be showing clips from advertisements and movies and discuss the underlying messages that shape how we view beauty. These courses are also done throughout the UC Berkeley campus, in dorms and sororities.

Other courses include, “Boundaries”, “Tough Questions”, “The World as we know it” and the “Time of Our Lives”. “The World as we Know it” will also touch upon how our culture and media affects our worldview of key issues such as truth, tolerance, reconciliation, purpose of life. It is less media focused but still a course people might be interested in.

For more in depth description you can visit Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley site . Note, signing up is not required but highly encouraged for logistical purposes.

I have been to several of these sessions and they are great! Lots of friendly people who enjoy discussing issues that matter in life. The building is located in a commercial area thus has a lot of nearby parking. This building is Gracepoint Fellowship Church’s headquarters so its not really a church building, rather a modified commercial building. Gracepoint Fellowship Church actually holds its services in Berkeley near the UC Berkeley Campus.

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Sponsored by “Praxis” the Adult Group in Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley. Pastor Ed Kang & Kelly Kang lead this Berkeley Church located in 2000 North Loop Rd in Alameda CA. Services are held in Berkeley. This Church serves UC Berkeley Campus and the Eastbay Area.

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  1. I found your site to contain a lot of good material on this very important topic of media and worldview. What really interests me are these seminars/workshops that you hosted at Gracepoint Fellowship Church. I pastor a church in Davis and was wondering if I might be able to get the materials that you generated and if they are available somewhere.

    Thanks for your time!

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