Top 11 Commercials & TV Spots of 2008 Beijing Olympics

This is a updated post as promised!
We will do one better than most and do a top 11! In no such order whatsoever!

As a huge fan of art, design, and film, I decided that along with the articles, news, reviews of media I periodically post what I consider to be beautiful works of art. I will also post what I consider to be good clean, well done commercials or spots.

With the Olympics well underway there has been quite a few spots that were done beautifully and with class. With so much garbage that is thrown up in marketing and advertising I wanted to post a few videos that I personally appealed to me either artistically or simply because I found them well made. The commercials during the Olympics are often more wholesome with better messages than the type of commercials you would see during the superbowl.

Which one is your favorite? Got other ones you like not mentioned here? Please comment!

Sea Orchestra by United Airlines
• Beautiful. The mix of 3d and 2d elements make this video one to watch! The first time I saw this spot I was awed by its beauty.

Two Worlds by United Airlines
• Another piece that artistically is a beautiful thing to see. It’s a 2d piece that comes alive with the use of layers and colors and a mix of 3d backgrounds

Impossible is Nothing Beijing Olympics – Adidas
• This video really captures the heart of the olympics. Olympic athletes competing for their country with the support of their countrymen. If it wasn’t for them they wouldn’t be there, so they are there as representatives for all those back home. There are a series of these “Impossible is Nothing” series. Each are worth watching.

Impossible is Nothing – Nastia & Nadia by Adidas
• This video is great. Transposes a new star and her hero together in the same event. One following the footsteps of the next. Great message and emotions captured very well.

Impossible is Nothing – Countdown by Adidas
• Another TV spot that captures the heart of the Olympics. Very simple but well done.

Don’t be an Asterisk by US Olympic Committee
• This video was made to discourage the use of steroids and other enhancement drugs which has been a problem of late in all sports. Not the most creative, but gets the message across.

Derek Redmond – VISA
• These VISA commericals replay the many memories of the olympics. Some people feel they are exploiting these moments which is true, but then again, these memories are what makes the Olympics, the Olympics.

Kerri Strug – VISA
• Everyone remembers this moment.

Come Together – VISA

Unity Coca Cola – Coca Cola
• Animated commercial depicting two superstars Lebron James & Yao Ming bringing all of their respective cultures to the table. So different, but united in drinking a coke. Well I guess it is true. We should add McDonalds to that too…

Healthcare Reimagined – GE

Bonus from Sydney 2000
• I like the humor in this one. Something I would do.

Which one is your favorite? Got other ones you like not mentioned here? Please comment!

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