Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley – Impact of Media on our Worldview


Next Session: 7/25 @ 8:30-10PM

Gracepoint Berkeley Church – Alameda

2000 Northloop Drive. Alameda, CA 94502



Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley is holding their Life Matter courses again. Couple new courses as well as continuation of several popular classes. The media class is unfortunately not available but has been replaced by class that would touch on very similar topics. It’s called “Analyzing Popular Culture”. This class will talk about the content and medium through which popular culture comes to us and shapes our worldview. Media obviously plays a huge part in shaping the way we view life, view others and our ethics.


These courses are free, requires no commitment, and food is provided. Nice. Meet friendly people and discuss important matters about life!


Several of these courses dive directly into the impact of media on our culture and our worldview. In addition to “Analyzing Popular Culture”, “More than a Face” deals with how Media directly influences our view of beauty and impacts our view of self worth. If you haven’t seen the fantastic videos by Dove in regards to the perception of beauty see our previous posts: Distorted Beauty in Media & Media Impact on Children.

The course on Worldview called “The World as We Know It” will also touch upon how the way we view the world has changed in our time. Though not specific to Meda – it is clear that all forms of media from Music to Film, has had a huge impact on the way we perceive what is right and wrong and what is considered the norm. Of course it is a two way street in that as our perceptions change, so does the messages in TV & Movies as it caters to what we (or the directors & writers) believe. Some of these say Part II or Part III, but it is stated on the site that you do not need to have attended previous sessions.


You are not “required” to sign up and can drop in anytime, but if you are certain you would like to come you can sign up in the link below. It’s just courtesy so they can plan room allocations and food quantities. I have been to several of these sessions and I highly recommend them. The building has plenty of nearby parking. Also if you are curious, its Gracepoint’s Headquarters so its not really a church building, rather a modified commercial building. Gracepoint actually holds its services in Berkeley near the UC Berkeley Campus.


Course description related to media & world view below. It is straight from the Gracepoint Berkeley Church Website. Go to the signup page for more info: Signup Page: Life Matters – Bay Area



  • Analyzing Popular Culture: Part II (do not need to have attended part I to join) 

Join us as we continue to look at the content and medium through which popular culture comes to us and indentify the half truths that we buy into as we consume and live in our culture today

  • The World as We Know it: Part III (do not need to have attended part I or II)

Based on the Wide Angle: Framing Your Worldview DVD curriculum by Rick Warren and Chuck Colson, this course will examine worldviews as they relate to the most important questions of our day. Together, Warren and Colson explore such key issues as truth, tolerance, terrorism, reconciliation and the purpose of life.  

  • More than a Face

In our media-based society where most of us have grown up watching hours of TV and movies and advertisements are everywhere we look, this session will explore how the media affects our self-image. 


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Sponsored by “Praxis

the Adult Group in Gracepoint Berkeley Church. Pastor Ed Kang & Kelly Kang lead this Berkeley Church located in 2000 North Loop Rd in Alameda CA. This Church serves UC Berkeley Campus and the Eastbay Area.

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