Media’s Impact on Sexual Freedom

Has anyone noticed that all media articles regarding teen sex, condoms and abstinence always emphasize and focus on the spread of STDs and nothing else? Editorials and commentaries used to make the case of abstinence as a moral stance or a wholesome alternative to the sexually active world we live in. It also focused on the emotional risk involved with premarital sex. Now our culture has bent so far into the realm of sexual promiscuity that the only way people could even suggest abstinence is by fear of STDs. If you are going to raise the sexual freedom flag, why is abstinence ridiculed while ones who “score” or get “laid” considered cool or great?

Have you noticed this gradual shift? I think its a testament to how far our culture has turned to promiscuity and acceptance of sexual freedom. Every main stream show or movie depicts main characters that sleep with different people, often times with people they’ve just met. Sometimes such people even idolized. Think James Bond. However rarely is the risks and consequences shown in line with reality: emotional struggles, fear of pregnancy, unexpected pregnancies, abortion and its consequences, messy breakups, single parents, getting STDs, regrets, loss of intimacy, shame, and the list goes on.

A perfect example is the popular show Friends. Very well written. It is extremely hilarious and very successful, but to have 6 friends basically sleep with each other and maintain the type of close friendships all their life? That is just not realistic, unless of course sex is treated almost as another recreational activity with a tad of emotion and personal touch. Only then could a situation like this be possible. Whether you see it as not realistic or sex as recreation, either way it’s definitely feeding our culture. You watch enough of this stuff, which isn’t hard considering its everywhere, you start to get used to it. You believe that this is normal. You probably do right now, but it wasn’t always this way. That’s the power of media for you. As your mind shifts, the culture shifts to accommodate, then you see more of it and shift some more, and.. you get the point.

Back to the case of using STD fears to defend abstinence. I believe if someone could abstain from sex in our culture, it is a beautiful thing. It is to be respected and honored. It is a testament to that person’s willingness to stay pure and honor their future spouse. It is also honoring to God, for those who believe God ordained marriage and believe sex should be between husband and wives alone. If someone has the willpower to hold out in our modern culture? I think that is amazing. It is sad to see our society ridicule such a beautiful thing. “40 year old virgin” ring a bell? It’s ridiculed in movies and on tv while the opposite is becomes more and more the norm.

This entire entry was sparked by a few articles I read. Only one of which actually mentions something other than STDs. It mentions the physical and emotional risks surrounding sexual practices before marriage. It also briefly mentions the “impact on [teen’s] respective values, relationships in high school and future relationships leading to marriage” Though the articles doesn’t go into detail, I am thankful it at least mentions some other factors that are involved. The emotional risks are just as deadly as the physical risks. This is a point that we don’t want to learn the hard way. It is just unfortunate the media, so bent on ratings and profits, chooses to lead so many people down a seemingly consequence free road, only to be met with the harshness of reality.

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