Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley – Free Course on Media Worldview


Next Session: 3/25 @ 7:30

Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Alameda

2000 Northloop Drive. Alameda, CA 94502 


For the Bay Area Folks. Free Course in examining the different worldviews found in media especially on hollywood’s portrayal of God vs. Myths, Christianity vs. Atheism, and Life Values. This course is free and open to anyone who wants to check it out. There are several other courses called Stress Less, Love & Respect, Are you there God in Science, and Tough Questions.Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley – Life Matter Courses. There is a total of three sessions, but they don’t necessarily build on each other.Here is the excerpt from their signup page. The sessions are held in Alameda.


  • Are you there God: in Media? 
    • Learn about how different worldviews are presented to audiences of television, film, and news media. We’ll learn how to dissect creative decisions that were made to reach an “effect” and examine the underlying values and emotions that can often go unnoticed. Understand how to clearly critique today’s media outlets and the recent media trends present in our marketplace (such as the Disney Corporation)

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Sponsored by “Praxis” the Adult Group in Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley. Pastor Ed Kang & Kelly Kang lead this Berkeley Church located in 2000 North Loop Rd in Alameda CA. This Church serves UC Berkeley Campus and the Eastbay Area.

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  1. If you’re wondering, if you ever went to one of the bible studies where Pastor Ed Kang led a commentary through Lord of the Rings or Evan Almighty, this Life Matters Media class is very similar. This past week, I covered common themes in millennial movies such as The Day After Tomorrow.

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