How Do I Get a Pinterest Invite?

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How Do I Get a Pinterest Invite?

So people have been asking. This Pinterest thing seems to be the newest fad and Pinterest growing pretty fast. How can I get an invite so I can try it out or at least figure out if it is something worthwhile?

Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” used to share images from around the web. Many businesses are now using it as a way of attracting visitors to their sites. Pinterest is already growing to be a big traffic driver for a lot of retailers as people “pin” up products they like or things they find artsy or beautiful.

Ok enough talk, so how can I get an invite!

Two Ways to get an Pinterest Invite

1. Ask around for an Invite!
It’s cool. It’s not like begging for an invite to a party you aren’t invited to. You’ll be surprised how many of your friends are already on Pinterest and pinning away. Just ask people on Facebook, Twitter and see if one of your friends already have an account. Then when they offer, first accept the invite, open your account then say “Why didn’t you invite me earlier! You hid this from me! You are not my friend!” JK.

2. Ask Clean Cut Media for an invite!
We are happy to give away a few invites, but we’d like to give it to our most engaged readers so here is what you can do to secure an invite from us. It’s easy. See below!

Securing an Invite from Clean Cut Media

Please do both #1 & #2 and the Invite will come your way quicker than you can say Pinterest!

1) Leave a comment below telling us how you plan to use the account! (valid email so we can invite!)

2) Follow Us on Facebook & Twitter – and send us a note via one of these accounts asking for the Pinterest invite!

that’s all!
Looking forward to seeing some of your Pins!

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  1. I am a software developer, i have heard about how great it is and I want to try and learn about it.

  2. I am a software developer, I have heard about how great it is and I want to try it and learnd about it.


    1. Hey Dres!

      Sounds good man! could you message us via facebook or twitter as noted in the rules above so we can connect?
      Will send the invite soon after.

      Happy Pinning!

  3. A student. Very interested in photography. Would love to check out the site, upload and share.

  4. Pinterest is nice if you’re looking around for fashion shopping or home decorating ideas or finding recipes. Unfortunately, I get totally distracted by the awesome images and don’t do much else on Pinterest.Never really realized it would take off this big and I’m yet to follow ppl on PI!

  5. I am a budding interior design student also interested in photography and researching on the internet. I am very egar to join the world of pinterest and get exploring. 🙂

    1. Awesome. pinterest is really useful for interior designers! one of the bigger industries taking advantage of pinterest’s visual experience!

      Drop us a hello via twitter or facebook as mentioned above, and we’ll send the invite soon as possible! love to connect! 🙂
      happy pinning!

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