Family hit by 3192 Paintballs for Media Profanity

Profanity Impact in Movies

What if for every curse word you heard in a movie, someone shot you with a paintball?

Now watch a family get hit with 3192 Paintballs in 5.2 Seconds. Yea that’s a lot of swear words.

Profanity has been increasing steadily in the media, particularly in movies. There was a time where a curse word would actually shock the viewers. Now? It’s the norm. Very few ever flinch. Thus it’s much more difficult to find family friendly movies, even movies rated PG-13 are no longer safe.

Profanity and Swearing in Film

1939: Gone with The Win
– First Swear Word in Film

2013: The Wolf of Wall Street
– Most Swear Words in Cinema History
– 528 F-Words alone.
– 200+ other swear words.

Enjoy this visual representation of swear words hitting us through media. By Paintball. 3,192 Paintballs in 5.3 Seconds to be exact.

Watch Movies Pre-filtered

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That paintball video mentioned earlier!

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