Change Your New HTTPS Facebook Privacy Settings Now

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Facebook Brings HTTPS Protocol Controls

Facebook is finally rolling out the option to use encrypted “HTTPS” protocol. Turn it on immediately!

HTTPS WHAT? What in the world does that mean you say?

Long story short – Without it, your information is sent and received without any protection (encryption). When you login, let’s just say it stores it in files called “cookies” so websites know each time you click around that it’s you! Attackers can hijack these cookies especially on wireless networks. It’s actually quite easy to do. When you log into GMAIL notice it’s all “https” because it’s protecting your information. Good for them. Facebook? FAIL.

Firesheep Facebook Hijack

There is even simple plugins (e.g. firesheep) that allows anyone to hijack without being much of a hack nerd themselves. Stealing 30 some identities within 30 minutes – easy. Oops did I just create more hackers? Resist the urge fellas!

When Facebook Rolling out this Feature! I Want It!

Facebook should be rolling out to all users today, but seems to be taking their sweet ol’ time, so you may or may not see it yet.

So how do you do it?

Go to “Account Settings” then to “Account Security” and look for “Secure Browsing”. Check it. If you don’t see it, check it later.

While you are there, see “Account Activity” below. Did someone ELSE login to your account from New York when you live in San Francisco? Yikes! Better end his\her session and go change your password…

Facebook HTTPS Privacy

BOOKMARK: Also update your BOOKMARK to have “https” as opposed to “http”.

Note that encryption does take a little bit longer to load so you may see pages opening more slowly. Also note, this is just for websites, your Facebook iPhone app has no such security.

Did you Change your Security Settings?

  • Were you able to make the security change?
  • Did you know that your Facebook connection was not secure?
  • Did you find anyone else logged into your account?
  • Scared?

Update [02.04]: After waiting a week, I finally saw the settings available on my personal account. Facebook took it’s sweet time. Are you seeing it too?

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  1. switching on secure connection doesn’t allow u to play games on facebook. so how to play with kepping secure connection “on”.

  2. Hi there,

    I tried to edit my FB Security Settings but I can’t save the changes I made. What should I do?

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