Have you seen The Daily? The New Digital Magazine

The Daily iPad Magazine

The Daily – The New Digital Magazine

Couple days ago, News Corp Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch revealed “The Daily”, a newspaper specifically created just for the iPad. This is not a newspaper or magazine modified to show on an iPad, it is a completely new magazine created just for the iPad. Rupert Murdoch, one of the most famous of CEOs cited that they invested $30million on this project. “The Daily” includes many interactive pictures, videos and other elements, all in an effort to usher in a new kind of digital magazine for the future.

Will the “The Daily” Usher a New Digital Experience?

It create a bit of buzz in the online community as it is something novel and different. No magazine has invested this much in creating a new digital experience. Newspapers have gone back and forth in how much they should invest in these new digital formats. How “The Daily” does will help determine whether there will be movement into this kind of digital medium.

Joined by Apple’s Eddy Cue, Vice President of Internet Services, the announcement was made admist a lot of curiosity in whether or not this new kind of magazine would picked up by the consumers?

Rupert Murdoch CEO
This is Rupert Murdoch

Some Notes Reported During the Annoucement

  • Two subscription options: weekly at $0.99 or yearly at $39.99 (might be worth downloading 1 to check out)
  • Interactive photographs with 360 degree images. (cool)
  • Share articles on Facebook, Twitter and Email. (makes sense)
  • Records audio comments. (hmm ok)
  • Includes links to relevant web articles, view in in-app browser. (I like how it links to more resources)
  • Twitter integrated into sections. (smart to include the buzz around the web)
  • Updated throughout the day. (now that is new)
  • Non-subscribers can see content shared on social networks for free. (oh interesting! you can be the source of extra insider news!)

Have you downloaded a copy yet?
If you have, please share your experience!

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