Cyber Monday Sets a New Sales Record. Mobile Soars.

Was it ever in doubt?

This year’s Cyber Monday set a new one-day online shopping record.

Cyber Monday 2013 Sales IBM

Cyber Monday Sales Statistics in 2013

Cyber Monday Online Sales increased by over 20% year over year. Sales were boosted by a strong 55% growth in mobile sales according to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark. Mobile sales accounted for 17% of all total online sales. 11.7% of sales were from tablets. Amazing.

It seems inevitable that every year, Black Friday & Cyber Monday will hit new sales records. The continued growth is remarkable considering cyber monday spending surpassed $1 Billion back in 2010.

Cyber Monday online sales accounted for 31.5% more than Black Friday. The entire thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday period was up 16.5% year over year.

Top Five Cities for Cyber Monday Sales:

New York led the way, followed by Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta

iOS vs. Android

Fun fact. IOS users spent $120.29 per order compared to $106.70 per order for Android. iOS traffic accounted for 22.4 percent of all online traffic compared to 9.1% for Android.

Cat on Laptop Cyber Monday ShoppingCyber Monday Statistics by Industry

Department Stores: Cyber Monday online sales grew 70% versus 2012. Mobile sales grew 52%.
Health & Beauty: Cyber Monday online sales grew 65% versus 2012. Mobile sales grew a whopping 84%.
Home Goods: Cyber Monday online sales grew 27% versus 2012. Mobile sales grew 41%.
Apparel: Cyber Monday online sales grew 23% versus 2012. Mobile sales grew 58%.

  • Did you shop on Cyber Monday?
  • Did you get a good deal?
  • Did you shop on a tablet or phone?

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