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Comscore Statistics LogoFacebook Video Surpasses Yahoo! Video

Facebook has officially passed up Yahoo! to become the second largest video viewing site in the United States behind Google. Google owns YouTube & Google Videos.

ComScore reported that 58.6 million unique viewers on Facebook had 243 million viewing sessions. This still sits far behind Google which has 146.3 million viewers with 1.9 billion viewing sessions. Again Google owns YouTube, the clear number one in video views. Yahoo is not at third with 53.9 million viewers.

US Online Video Views (in millions)
Website Unique Viewers Viewing Sessions
Google Sites 146.3 1903.2
Facebook.com 58.6 243.2
Yahoo! Sites 53.9 229.1
VEVO 45.4 205.8
Fox Interactive 43.1 153.9
Break Media 42.4 167.1
Microsoft 39.3 219.3
NBC 32.8 65.1

Most companies are still making minimal amounts of money off of their video properties. Hulu, which is relatively small (not in the top 10 in terms of viewers) leads the industry in video advertising. Google is in fifth. Facebook and Yahoo! don’t even register in the top 10.

Facebook Photos get a Huge Upgrade

Facebook announced several upgrades to their photo product. As Facebook already has more internet traffic then Google and with 500 million active users they have tons and tons of potential in the photo space. With these new changes, Facebook is slowly positioning themselves to be a bigger player. Photo-sharing is currently dominated by sites like Flickr (Yahoo! owned).

List of Facebook Photo Improvements

Support for High Resolution Photos
The resolution for photos on Facebook was increase from 720 pixels to 2048 pixels

Facebook Photos High Resolution

New Album Layout to support High Resolution Photos
The new viewer makes it easier to view and navigate through all your photos without leaving the page. A new “light box” feature darkens the background, making it easier to focus o your photos.

Facebook Photos Viewer

Easier Facebook Photo Tagging & Uploading
Facebook has made it easier to tag multiple photos in the same album all in the same time. It is also easier to tag a person in multiple photos more quickly. Photo uploading has been rebuilt to be much more stable and reliable.

Photographers, Hobbyist, and semi-professionals can now consider sharing their high resolution photos on their facebook profile as opposed to linking out to flickr or other photo sharing sites.

Questions about Facebook Photo Policies

There are still some pending questions that aren’t very clear. Here is the biggest:

Did you know Facebook Owns You!: Or more accurately your photos. According to Facebook policies Facebook claims copyright rights to all the images you upload.

Actually Facebook has the right to license ANYTHING you upload onto Facebook.

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  • Do you think Facebook Video will ever surpass youtube?
  • What do you think about Facebook Photo’s new pictures?
  • Will you be using it more? In what way?
  • Did you know Facebook Owns You!?

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