Facebook vs MySpace vs Twitter Statistics: Raising $200 Million

Facebook vs Myspace vs Twitter Growth Statistics

Facebook vs Myspace vs Twitter Visitor Statistics
Facebook vs Myspace vs Twitter Visitor Statistics (via ComScore)

Facebook started off as a small social network popular among some college students. Then in the past few years Facebook’s users have skyrocketed as Facebook went mainstream. First among college students, then once it was open to the public, it blew the gates open as millions of new users young and old joined to check out this new social network. In April 2009, the social network passed 300 million unique visitors a month according to ComScore. 160% increase from April of 2008. Facebook also has 225 monthly active users.   Twitter continues strong as it jumped 70% in March with 32 million worldwide uniques, while MySpace has flat lined at 123 million uniques a month. MySpace has recently shaken up their leadership in order to rejuvenate their stagnating figures.

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Facebook the Big Gorilla of Social Networks: 60 Million+ Users

Facebook LogoThough twitter is getting a lot of attention these days, Facebook continues to be the big gorilla in the social network space. The network is widely used to connect with friends, old and new. It has become a primary source to email friends and make contact with old lost friends. Easy to use and with a simple interface it continues to grow at a furious rate.

Facebook Growth has slowed down a bit since the beginning of the year from 11% per month in Feb and March to 4% in the last 2 months. Facebook unique users has now surpassed 60 million. There was a surge of new users ages 18-25, while a sudden exodus of users over 55 after significant growth earlier in the year in this demographic. 18-25 users make up 33% of users but what is less known is that 33% of the users are also over 35.

Facebook Statistics: Demographics
Facebook Statistics: Demographics

Facebook Raises $200 Million from Digital Sky Technologies

Facebook just raised $200 million from a Russian firm Digital Sky Technologies in exchange for 1.96% of it’s company! That is a $10 billion dollar valuation of the Facebook. However Facebook still has not found a viable revenue model. Though there are plenty of ideas such as an ad network or a payments platform, these funds will help buy more time as they determine the best path to take.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Revenue Model: “One of the most interesting things about DST’s portfolio is that they’ve invested in several social networks, each with different monetization models. Facebook is still growing and experimenting with a number of different business lines, which we hope will grow and become big in the future… In the long run there will be multiple businesses. For the next few years, advertising will be the biggest part of our revenues. There are other areas that we think could be really interesting over time, like virtual gifts and user transactions.”

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  1. ….facebook is g–…you can’t have a profile and family is on there so thats only good for older people

  2. Facebook is a trusted site because myspace get hacked in i was mad when it happend to me………….
    twitter is cool all networkes are cool they need to get theres cell phones lower then 45 a month and i aint talking metro

  3. This graph is sort of not true. Many of the kids fake their age in facebook…. but it is still a very trusted site.

  4. As per my point of view in social networking platform, Face book will always score high because of its features, apps, games, and overall presentation of data. My space is also a nice social networking site however it need some improvement..
    Susan Smith

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