Amazing Social Media Image Size Infographic

Social Media Image Dimension Infographic

For social media marketers as well as social media ethusiast. Check out this beautiful infographic displaying all the graphic image dimensions for the Facebook Timeline, Twitter Profiles, Google+ Pages, YouTube Branded Pages, Linkedin Profiles and Pinterest Boards. What a great resource.

Have you spruced up your social media pages?
Drop a word on our facebook or twitter and let us know so we can take a look! Perhaps we’ll highlight some of the most creative ones we find in a future post.

Social media Image Cheat Sheet Infographic

Social Media Graphic Dimension Infographics

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2 of 9 Tweets about Superbowl ads, not the Game!

Superbowl Tweets: Game vs the Ads

Social media nerds and marketers! Some fun superbowl twitter statistics only someone like you would enjoy.

There were 20.9 million superbowl related tweets on superbowl sunday and a whopping 6.1 million of those tweets were about the ads rather than the game. GoDaddy’s ad led the way with 290,000 tweets, nearly 6x more than audi, but also had the distinction of having only 14% of those tweets being positive. Tide had the best responses with 86% positive sentiment. Godaddy was at 14%.

Would you consider godaddy’s ad “successful” considering the most of the high buzz was negative? Or is any press good press as the old adage would say?

Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” ad scored the highest in terms of positive sentiment tweets and increasing followers.

Check out the Superbowl Social Statistics infographic below and let us know which ad you expected to generate the most buzz!

The Superbowl Social Statistics

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Superbowl Tweet Infographic Statistics

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Twitter to Censor Tweets by Country – You be Quiet!

Twitter Censorship Content

Twitter Can Censor Your Content

Twitter has announced through it’s blog that it could “reactively withhold content from users in a specific country”. Basically, twitter is saying it has the right to remove content if it is against the laws of a particular country or if needed by special request.

This created a bit of controversy.

Is upholding Freedom of Speech important enough to break local laws?

Twitter Controversy – Freedom of Speech > Local Laws?

Freedom of information advocacy groups criticized the decision, afraid that it curbs the freedom of information and expression. Their concern is that it opens a dangerous precedent. Twitter’s response is that as they enter countries “that have different ideas about the contours of freedom of expression,” that they need to comply to such laws. One example is France and Germany banning pro-Nazi content. Of course, there are more controversial bans such as China’s famous suppression of information regarding Tienanmen Square, and more recently the killing sites discussing human rights issues during the Beijing games.

Google famously refused to cave into China’s censorship rules thus was never able to gain ample market share in the region. However remember China is a unique case of extreme censorship control.

Twitter has said that they have not used this ability yet, but if they do, they said “we will attempt to let the user know, and we will clearly mark when the content has been withheld”. They also admitted that some country’s views on this issue is so divergent that they won’t be able to exist there at all. China is one such country where twitter has been banned altogether due to being a source of news the government does not look kindly on.

Questions to Ponder about Twitter

  • Is Freedom of Speech being violated considering this Local Laws of other countries may differ?
  • Should we demand Twitter to uphold Freedom of Speech, if it means ignoring Local Laws if other countries?
  • Is Freedom of Speech a right that goes beyond Laws, a higher right that everyone deserves?

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Most Followed Twitter Users & Brands [Infographic]

Twitter Growth History Visualized

Twitter has been growing very quickly and has changed a lot over time. In the beginning many were wondering, what was the point? Is it a bunch of teenagers chatting away?

Slowly twitter is becoming more defined as a medium of communication for businesses, brands, celebrities, customer service and a place to connect to professionals and those with similar interests. Twitter has also become a valid source of news information and quick way get a pulse on any trending topic.

Twitter Follow Me Button

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Some highlights from “A Visual History of Twitter” plus additional Twitter Statistics:

Record Breaking Tweet Events

  • Beyonce announces she’s expecting at the VMAs (Aug 2011): 8,868 Tweets per Second
  • Japan defeats the US in the FIFA Women’s World Cup (July 2011): 7,196 Tweets per Second
  • Japanese Twitter users set New Year’s 2011 record (Jan 2011): 7,000 Tweets per Second

Key Historical Moments for Twitter

  • July 15 2006 – Twitter Launches
  • March 2008 – 1.3 Million Twitter Users
  • April 2010 – 105 Million Twitter Users
  • September 2011 – 200 Million Twitter Users (150 Active Users

Most Followed Twitter Accounts are Celebrities (# Updated 9/30/2011)

  • #1 Lady Gaga – 14,022,983 Twitter Followers (what has the world come to)
  • #2 Justin Bieber – 12,980,136 Twitter Followers (admit it, you follow him!)
  • #3 Barack Obama – 10,304,434 Twitter Followers (rather follow obama than lady bieber)

Most Followed Non-Celebrity Accounts!

  • #1 Twitter – 6,209,226 Twitter Followers
  • #2 Twitpic – 5,354,829 Twitter Followers
  • #3 CNN Breaking News – 5,181,132 Twitter Followers (makes sense)
  • #4 Youtube – 4,943,411 Twitter Followers (also 45 million+ Facebook Fans)
  • #5 UberSocial – 4,299,424 Twitter Followers (who?…)

More Notable Brands on Twitter

  • #7 Google – 3,643,488
  • #25 ESPN – 1,892,510
  • #35 Starbucks – 1,725,548
  • #46 Facebook – 1,558,384 (/cleancutmedia)
  • #66 Itunes – 1,266,248
  • #70 Southwest – 1,175,353
  • #118 Coca Cola – 378,256
  • #135 Foursquare – 292,700
  • #180 McDonalds – 171,304
  • #221 Amazon – 122,325
  • #N/A  (help us move up the ranks!)

Interesting Twitter Statistics

  • 81% of users follow less than 100 people
  • 61% of all tweets are in English, 39% is not!
  • 42.3% of Twitter users are between 30 & 49 years old. (oldies!)
  • 30% of the users have an annual household income over $100,000 (I need some more twitter friends!)
  • Males – More likely to use Twitter for work-related research & news (true…)
  • Females – More likely to keep in touch with friends and post status updates (no comment)
  • 5% of users create 75% of the content (is that you?)

Enjoy the infographic below! Let us know what you thought was interesting!

Twitter Growth History Infographic

Twitter Statistics Infographic Growth

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Twitter used by our Founding Fathers [Comic]

Twitter used by our Founding Fathers?

I saw this comic, and thought it was pretty darn hilarious. These kind of comics use a lot of exaggeration in terms of social media use, but in it’s own way captures some of the downside of social media use as well.

Proper citations! This comic was illustrated by Kiersten Essenpreis, a New York-based artist. Obviously was written for Mashable which has a series of these kind of comics. This one happened to be the funniest. Great job Kiersten. Look forward to more!

By the way Clean Cut Media has it’s own twitter account, follow us! ==

Twitter Comic Founding Fathers

  • Let us know if you found that funny!
  • Then visit some of other funny twitter video links below!
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How is Twitter Doing? What is it For!

How has Twitter Evolved Over the Years?

Twitter is still a hot thing, just not the hottest thing.
Twitter still has major potential and worth a whole lot of money, but it got a lot of work to do and must do it quickly to capitalize on it’s current fame.

A new study from Barracuda Labs studying 19 million Twitter accounts show that only 21% of Twitter users are active users. Active was defined as having at least 10 followers, following at least 10 people and have at least tweeted 10 times.

Let’s just get some statistics out of the way here!

  • 26% of Twitter users had 10 followers or more
  • 40% of Twitter users were following 10 people or more
  • 51% of Twitter users were following less than 5 people
  • 34% of Twitter users have not tweeted at ALL
  • 73% of Twitter users tweeted less than 10 times
  • This means that almost all of tweets come from 27% of the users.

What is the Point of Twitter?

For the majority of internet users, if they were asked what the purpose of Twitter was, they would draw a blank. No worries. You are not alone.

Twitter still hasn’t found a unique and clear identity, however, what we do know is this:

1) Social Media is Growing: Social Media continues to grow at a rapid rate. Also Facebook is carefully and strategically integrating itself throughout the web through Facebook Connect and those seemingly everywhere – “like” buttons. Trust me, it is more significant than you think. Something perhaps worth sharing in a different post.

Social Networking Growth

Firmly in the middle of this is twitter, the leader of micro-blogs. This is why they are valued so highly because no matter where the web heads, they are on a premiere position to capitalize on their huge user base.

2) Twitter is being used in several unique ways that are becoming more firm and established.

Here are a few.

  • Breaking News
  • Customer Service – saves $
  • Thought Leadership / Personal Branding
  • Humanize Corporations / Customer Learning
  • Viral Marketing

Twitter Awareness Statistics

Edison Research and ARbitron Internet recently surveyed 1,753 Americans revealing that awareness of twitter has grown tremendously in the last few years.

2008: 5% were aware of Twitter
2009: 26% were aware of Twitter
2010: 87% were aware of Twitter

Awareness of Twitter Statistics

Twitter vs Facebook Usage Statistics

Though Twitter is now as well known as Facebook, it continues to lag behind in actual usage.

Twitter Facebook Usage Comparison

More Twitter Usage Statistics

Twitter Usage Statistics

Twitter Demographics Statistics

I am not using Twitter. So who is using Twitter anyway?
Is it just a bunch of kids tweeting away?

People might be surprised to know that twitter has an older demographic than one may initially think. Twitter is actually not adopted amongst the teenagers as much as people initially would have guessed. In fact 71% of Twitter users are 25 and older. Much of Twitter is also used by business professionals, marketers, corporations and quickly becoming a great medium for businesses to engage their customers.

Twitter Demographic Statistics
Twitter Ethnicity Statistics

Twitter Users are Educated

You may look at Twitter and say how pointless it is, however Twitter has very high adoption rates with educated individuals and those with higher incomes. It has become useful for networking and connecting to other professionals as well as a great source for reading up on the news.

Twitter Education Statistics

Twitter Users are Mobile

25% of Facebook users access Facebook using a mobile app or browser. Twitter, probably due to it’s simplicity and a long list of third party apps, show 63% of users have accessed the service with their mobile phone.

Twitter is an Exchange for Products and Services

Twitter is also becoming a key way to engage consumers, customers and networking with other professionals. Over 40% of users use Twitter to learn about products and services. 28% are using  Twitter to find discounts and special offers. 20% seek customer support. On the business end, over 30% have used it to poll their customers and users and many corporations have adopted Twitter as a way to serve their customers (while cutting down customer service costs!).

Twitter Follow Brands

More Stats for the Twitter Business Mind

Interesting Data on When Twitter Users are most Active. Useful if you are a twitter marketer trying to determine the optimal time to reach your users.

Highest Usage Days: Thursday & Friday
Lowest Usage Days: Saturday & Sunday

Twitter Usage By Day Statistics

Twitters are Night Owls

Twitter Hour by Hour Statistics

Other Rule of Thumb Advice:

  • More you tweet links, the less likely people are going to click those links
  • Know when your user are most active and tweet during those times to maximize engagement
  • Highest click thru rate tends to be early evening right after work hours.
  • Weekend has lowest volume but has shown highest click rates
  • Fridays have the highest % of retweets

Share your thoughts on Twitter

  • So Are you a Twitter User?
  • Do you think Twitter is useful?
  • Do you think Twitter is a fad or is it here to stay?

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Growth of Social Media Statistics Video: Socialnomics








We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it,” – Erik Qualman


Facebook 3rd Largest Country in the World

In the beginning of 2009, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) proudly stated that if Facebook was a country it would be the 8th largest country in the world. As of 2010? It would stand as the third largest country in the world, right behind China & India and ahead of the United States.

Growth of Social Media Video

It wasn’t long ago that Social Media made big news when it overtook Email in terms of online activity. Now, it is the #1 activity online and it continues to grow at a rapid pace both in the United States and around the world. The video below is a follow up to a the first Did You Know Socialnomics Video that quickly went viral due to all the fascinating statistics about the growth of social media. It has a lot of fascinating statistics.

Watch the video and tell us what statistics wowed you the most in the comment section below!

Sorry – The video was made “private” due to copyright issues socialnomics is having. But please do check out the LATEST socialnomics video here!

Some Social Media Statistics

  • More than half the population is under 30
  • 96% of Millennials have joined a social network
  • Facebook has more internet traffic than Google.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
  • Amazon sold more e-books for the Kindle than physical books on Christmas
  • 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content
  • 34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands
  • If you were paid $1 for each posted Wikipedia article, you’d make $1,712.32 per hour!
  • 80% of companies use social media for recruitment
  • Social Media is the #1 activity on the web.

Social Media’s Influence on Culture

There is no doubt that social media is increasingly becoming a huge part of our daily lives. Facebook records 60 million status updates that inform people of what friends are doing. Twitter records 50 million tweets a day (source: twitter) and a large number of that is news from around the world. We no longer search for news, the news simply finds us. Also everything on the web is becoming personalized. With the amount of social information now available via the networks, both self-declared or deduced from connections within the networks, – everything from advertising to news is becoming customized to the user whether we like it or not.

When was the last time you were online and saw ads for something you were just looking at yesterday? It’s not coincidence.

How many sites have you been on where you see a Facebook “like” feature and pictures of your friends who also like the site or bought something? (like clean cut media!)

  • Please Comment below with your thoughts on the video
  • What statistics jumped out at you the most?
  • What are your thoughts about what part social media will play in our lives?

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Social Media Statistics Video – Growth & Impact

Social Media Statistics Viral Video

One of the benefits (and detriments) of YouTube has been the proliferation of information. More than ever, it is easy to transmit and share information through a variety of mediums. In fact Social Networking has long surpassed email as the most popular medium of online communication.

One the more popular video genres on YouTube are the what I call the statistical videos. The “Did You Know” videos went viral as the eye popping statistics are always fun to share and read about. Though be aware that some of the newer videos are spoofs and contain fake data (though to their credit they acknowledge it in the end).

Socialnomics Videos – Is Social Media a Fad?

The video below is a similar statistical video covering the growth and impact of social media. It asks the question, is social media a fad? This message probably targets business and companies that often debate whether allocating money to social media is worth the costs. Then it follows by bombarding you with the incredible growth and impact of social media on our every day lives. I’ve also compiled some social media statistics from other sources below.

Sorry – The video was made “private” due to copyright issues socialnomics is having. But please do check out the LATEST socialnomics video here!

What is Social Media?

To be clear, Social Media isn’t just Facebook and Twitter. It includes a whole network of sites where users can interact with one another whether it is by sharing information or discussing various topics. Some of the more popular social media sites that you may not at first consider to be part of this group are sites like Digg (Share Links & News), Stumbleupon (Share & Discover Websites), Delicious (Share Favorites), Wikipedia (Share Information), Flickr (Share Pictures), Blogging (Share Anything), YouTube (Share Videos), Linkedin (Professional Social Network) and so on. As you can imagine, social media has grown tremendously and has changed the landscape of information exchange and communication.

Social Media List - Facebook, Social Networks

More Social Media Statistics

  • 3 out of 4 Americans use social technology
    (Forrester, The Growth of Social Technology Adoption, 2008)
  • 2/3rd of Global Internet Population Visit Social Networks
    (Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009)
  • Social Sites – 4th most popular online activity, ahead of personal email
    (Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009)
  • Time Spent on Social Networks growing at 3x overall internet rate.
  • Accounts for 10% of all Internet Time (Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009)

“Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it’s people who are in control” Rubert Murdock, Global Media Entrepreneur”

  • 13 Hours of video uploaded on YouTube every minute
  • 412.3 years – length of time it would take to view every YouTube video
  • 100,000,000 – # of YouTube videos viewed per day
  • 13,000,000 – # of articles on Wikipedia
  • 3,600,000 – # of photos archived on as of June 2009
  • 1382% – Monthly Growth Rate of Twitter Jan to Feb 2009
  • 3,000,000 Tweets per Day on Twitter
  • 5,000,000,000 – # of minutes spent on Facebook every day
  • 1,000,000,000 – # of content (web links, news, blogs post, photos etc) share on Facebook each week

“The word blog is irrelevant. What’s important is that it is now common, and will soon be expected, that every intelligent person (and quite a few unintelligent ones) will have a media platform where they share what they care about with the world.” Seth Godin, Author

  • 5,000,000 – # of active Barack Obama supporters across 15 social networks
  • 14,200,000 – # of views Obama’s “Yes we can video” got on YouTube
  • $6,500,000 – Amount of money donated online to Obama’s campaign
  • Facebook in terms of members would be the 8th most populated county in the world. (Mark Zuckerberg, Jan 2009)
  • By July 2009, it has risen to 4th (via video)

Hope you enjoy the social media statistics video! Please share your thoughts below.
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  • What is your reaction to the rise of social media?
  • How much do you use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter? Do you Blog?
  • Do you find it helpful?
  • Do you feel Social Media is a fad or it is here to stay?
  • Where do you see Social Media Going?
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Teens Don’t Use Twitter, What the Tweet?

Twitter Logo

Twitter. A Trendy Social Media Site for Kids? No?

Most people I speak to think social network sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter are new, trendy and hip, but that does not mean it is popular among the youth.

In a study of 250,000 US internet users, Nielsen has released statistics showing that though 25% of internet users are under the age of 25, only 16% of twitter users in the same range.

Twitter Website Growth Age Demographic

Who is the cause of Growth on Twitter?

The 18-24 year old demographic who are normally the early adopters of social networks were the least likely to visit Twitter while the 45-54 year olds were the most likely, followed closely by the 25-34 year old age group.

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Power of Images in Media & Iran’s Twitter Revolution

Tiananmen Square Massacre Tank ImagePowerful Influence of Images in Media

When I say Tiananmen Square Massacre, what is the first thought or image that comes to your mind? For the vast majority of people it is the image of the young man making a stand in front of the rolling tank.

There are many such images or photographs out there that has forever influenced public perception. One can cry all you want about starving children, but nothing moves a person emotionally until they see a picture of precious young child starving without food.

This is the power of images. Whether an image of news, or the images we see on TV.

The Iran Twitter Revolution

As you may or may not know, everyone has been following the news of the turmoil in Iran through the Internet. As journalists are not allowed (or more like afraid) to officially transmit news out of that country, all the recently events have been followed through YouTube videos and twitter updates. It has been one of the most interesting phenomenons of late.

Iran Election Protest ImagesHundreds of Thousands of Iranians have been protesting the recent elections between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and 2 other candidates. The crowds are crying fraud due to multiple suspicious figures and the bias way the government conducted the elections. The following demonstrations are now being captured on YouTube videos and being twittered all around the globe. The Tehran’s leaders had taken down telephone systems, took down websites, confiscated tapes from journalists and dispatched police to beat and arrest anyone who dares to protest. The leaders have done everything they could to try to control the news coming out of Iran. Yet they completely underestimated the power of the citizen journalists and the use of social media. Iran, as a highly computer literate country, had citizen hackers working to keep media lines open while the government continually try to shut them down.

One example of Iranian Twittering about the Demonstration: Tehran Bureau

YouTube Videos of Recent Demonstrations

Protest News Coverage from Different Parts of Iran

Power of a Images in Turning Public Opinion

Recently a young woman named Neda Agha-Soltan (Neda means “voice” or “the calling” in Farsi) was shown on video being shot by a sniper’s bullet during a demonstration. As she fell to the ground, she instantly became the face of “freedom”, the symbol of the entire opposition. As this video, which was caught on a cell phone camera, spread quickly around the globe, it has strongly impacted the view of the world’s public opinion.

“[Neda] has become a global symbol of innocence destroyed by evil.” – Times Online

Below is an excerpt about the power of images by Breakpoint
Note: The Book referenced here called “How Now Shall We Live?” is one of my favorite books of all time.

Other photos have moved entire nations. As I wrote in my book, How Now Shall We live?, I’ll never forget the first time I saw the famous 1972 photo of a little Vietnamese girl, Kim Phuc, running away after a bombing, her skin burned by napalm. That photo broke my heart and the hearts of countless others, and as I would later write, it “became an emblem for an entire nation questioning its reason for being in Vietnam.”

Another photograph from Vietnam had a similar effect: the photo of South Vietnamese General Nguyen executing a Viet Cong prisoner in February 1968. The picture has often been cited as the image that “as much as any, turned public opinion against the war”—even though the photographer, Eddie Adams, who saw both sides of the story, had not intended it that way.

Adams later wrote, “The general killed the Viet Cong; I killed the general with my camera. Still photographs are the most powerful weapon in the world.”

Adams was right. For better or for worse, images shape our thinking, our emotions, and our responses to the world around us. Context is always important, for sometimes images can mislead, as Eddie Adams discovered. But sometimes images can show us the truth about ordinary people, people just like us, fighting for the same rights that we so often take for granted.

Could the video of Neda’s lifeblood pouring out on the streets of Tehran be the image that changes everything for her country?

That I don’t know. But I do know this. No matter how hard the Iranian government tries to silence the calls for freedom, Neda has given her fellow Iranians a voice that the world can’t help but hear.

  • What is your opinion about the power of images in media?
  • What does this tell us about how we should approach the intake of all media such as tv shows and movies?
  • What is your reaction to Iran’s Twitter Revolution and the role of social media?
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Facebook vs MySpace vs Twitter Statistics: Raising $200 Million

Facebook vs Myspace vs Twitter Growth Statistics

Facebook vs Myspace vs Twitter Visitor Statistics
Facebook vs Myspace vs Twitter Visitor Statistics (via ComScore)

Facebook started off as a small social network popular among some college students. Then in the past few years Facebook’s users have skyrocketed as Facebook went mainstream. First among college students, then once it was open to the public, it blew the gates open as millions of new users young and old joined to check out this new social network. In April 2009, the social network passed 300 million unique visitors a month according to ComScore. 160% increase from April of 2008. Facebook also has 225 monthly active users.   Twitter continues strong as it jumped 70% in March with 32 million worldwide uniques, while MySpace has flat lined at 123 million uniques a month. MySpace has recently shaken up their leadership in order to rejuvenate their stagnating figures.

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Twitter Statistics: Visitor Growth

Twitter US Visitors Growth in 2009
Twitter US Visitors Growth in 2009

Twitter Statistics

  • 60% Abandonment Rate

There was some recent news about Twitter having a whopping 60% abandonment rate. This means that for every 5 people using twitter, 3 people decide not to continue using it. This makes sense as Twitter perks curiosity but not many people can maintain or want to maintain a continual feed of “tweets”. This is the same reason there are millions of blogs that are never updated. It is simply a lot of work! We can vouch for it!

  • 17 Million Unique US Visitors in April

However despite a large abandonment rate, ComScore released Twitter Statistics for April and it showed Twitter reaching 17 million unique visitors in the US. That is a whopping 83 percent increase from March! In March Twitter had already doubled it’s user base from the month before.

That Twitter Statistics include the launch of Clean Cut Media’s own Twitter Feed in April. Follow us Here:

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